Sunday, December 09, 2007


My silly mum went to Pets at Home this week and look what she came back with for me!

Dad told her she was as silly as a box of lights and the son was highly amused that I could have a nice beer at the same time daddy has one. So they gave me the bottle and just look, I can't get the flippin' lid off it!

Daaaaaaad! Pass the opener perleaaase.....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Rain, rain, rain oh and did I mention rain??

Oh deary me, just where does the time go? So much has been going on and mum has not had the time to update over here. Sadly a few of my doggy friends have not been out to play for one reason or the other. Maysie and Dizzy have had, 'er, womens troubles so have been kept out of all the boy dogs way. Poor little Cliffy has had Kennel cough and not been out with us either as his mum didn't want us all to get it. Boo has been coming out at a different time for the last few weeks. Punch has been coming out at a different time with his dad as his mum hasn't been too well. So you can see I have had a pretty boring time out on my walks.

It's that time of year again when dad is insisting I wear my wonderful collection of coats. It has been raining, raining and raining for weeks now and mum and dad are both fed up with me getting so wet and smelly so the coats have to go on. The other night Maysie and myself looked so very smart with our waterproof Barbour type coats on...until we both decided to jump in the brook and get completely soaked through. Our mums were far from amused.

Just wanted to let all you lovely doggies know that I am visiting your blogs so don't worry, I am keeping up to speed with what's going on in your worlds. I love to see all about you and what you are getting up's just mum not pulling her finger out and getting posting. Plus the fact she can't find her lovely new camera so that's not helping!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Tescos and the tin eating machine!

Mum decided to take me for a walk but not until she had been to Tescos quickly. She whizzed off down there and stood there for what seemed like ages feeding tin cans, glass bottles and plastic into this machine that just kept on eating it even burped after a while. It didn't even say "excuse me" either. Terrible table manners!

The Son come along too and he really enjoyed feeding this can eating machine and got all excited when he found out how many points he had got....19 points!

So can someone tell me what this is all about? Why feed this machine when I am hungry all the time?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The surprise item....

Well as you all know the nights are drawing in and we are now more or less walking in the dark. I have my lovely flashing light as do all the other dogs too. We look like a firework display. Tonight was a busy night with Boo, Cliffy, Doodle, Maysie, Ruby and little old me with my new super duper haircut. There were lots of other dogs along our way as normal too!

Now you all remember Boo has a glove, hat, scarve or anything knitted fetish don't you? Boo decided to go into the childrens playground and have a good old sniff about. The gate is missing and there are always gangs of teenagers hanging about in there and Boo goes in there and sends them all running as of course all he wants is their knitted items. Tonight the playground was empty...thankfully!

In Boo goes and seeing as he is a gigantic white ball of samoyed fluff he is easy to see despite it being dark. All of a sudden he jumped up on the picnic table in the playground and we could all see he had something in his mouth. Our mums all screamed that he was eating something and Boos mum got all worried and ran to see what it was. A pair of knickers! Before you ask, I have no idea why they were there.....but someone must have gone home feeling rather cold. His mum pulled them out of Boos jaws only to find that both Boo and her were covered in what she thought was lots of nasty doggy doo....we all think that it was actually human doo! Yikes!!! How awful is that? My mum felt ill after that and Boos mum went home and threw his lead and heaven knows what else in the bin as she was covered in the mess. She bleached her hands too and had a bath to get rid of the awful smell!

Oh sorry doggies, has this story been filled with far too much information? My mum and the others were horrified that someone could leave that around and especially in a childrens playground.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A nice new sparkly collar!

So what do you think of this lovely new sparkly collar then? Isn't it posh?! My lovely friend Cliffy has a great mum who managed to win a competition from Pets at home and she won a great big hamper of doggy goodies. There was food, collars, leads and other stuff. There were so many collars that nearly all the doggies in our walking gang were given one of these each. Some were pink for the girlies, some were black for the boys and we all look rather nice wearing them. Mum has decided that it might be best if I only wear my sparkly collar for "best" or when exepcting guests at home or it might get ruined. So I am sending a really special big "thank you" to Cliffy and his mum!

My friend Archie (cocker spainel) has an "at home" collar that his mum puts on him when he gets home from his walks. I've not seen it but I bet it's not as nice as my new collar. Have I told you about Archie?? Mum loves him. He loves to chase tennis balls and when he has them thrown for him he runs like the wind and kind of squeaks with excitement. Mum thinks this is hysterical and will laugh so much at him. She says he sounds like one of those teddies where you can squeeze the belly and it makes the same noise.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

OMG....has it been that long?

Ooooh dear! My mum should hide her head in shame....has it really been 2 months since she last posted? I think it might be. Mum got told off last night by her friend Andrew (hello Andrew, she's updating this blog after you nagging her OK??!!) for not updating this blog and she didn't realise it had been so long! The last time mum tried to update the blog was ages ago when Bailey was staying and she had lots of pics to post of us all down on the beach at West Whittering-on-Sea and after all her typing it wouldn't post so she was a little fed up to say the least!

Here you can see me and Bailey digging for England on the beach at West Whittering.....we really enjoyed that day you know!!

Well, lets hope mum will get her typing fingers out and update my blog more often. Hope you are reading this Andrew.....your words must have motivated mum into doing this!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wendover Woods...oh and Bailey is back!!

Well, Baileys back and come to stay again! Mum and Dad are dog sitting him for the next 2 weeks and I have to say I am really excited. I should add that both myself and Bailey are really excited and have driven mum and dad mad just charging round the house like a pair of loonies.

Don't we look sweet? Mum, dad and the son took us for a day out to Wendover woods. What a fantastic place!!! Mum has been talking about going here for months and they decided it was time to get there and find out what it was all about. It is the loveliest place and best of all there are great trails to follow and even better is the cafe there. Here you can see Bailey and me having a well deserved rest after walking for what seemed like days....I'm sure it was only really a couple of hours though.

We discovered a great place to sit and watch the other dogs go by too but sadly mum nearly died from fright when I decided to try and jump out of the tiny window so she wouldn't let me stay on the ledge. Bailey sat nicely though and had a good look out. This photo was taken before I attempted my circus trick from the lookout! I have to admit it was rather high once I had a proper look....actually it was a sheer drop of about 10 zillion feet so good job mum stopped me! I don't understand that as we went in from the entrance and that was on the level and not high at all!

We had a nice sit down and looked at the view. You can see all over the the world from up there and I think we saw Marvin up in Scotland from there. Did you see us waving Marvin??

Here we are having a well deserved rest and biscuit or two half way round one of the trails. We really wanted to get home and sleep but the hooomans just wanted to keep on walking....

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ship ahoy!

As it's the school holidays and the son is home mum thought it would be a great idea to go out for a picnic somewhere nice. Mum and dad seem to spend hours saying "now where shall we go today?" or "where would you like to go?" and never seem to make their minds up! For a nice change mum suggested going to Hurley Lock down on the River Thames. Mum used to go there many years ago for family days out with her mum and dad and other family members and knew how nice it was there. So we set off nice and early.....

When we first arrived I checked out the trees and had a good old sniff to make sure the area was suitable for us all. When I was satisfied I sat down and watched for a while.....

Then did a bit more watching.......

Then when I thought the area was safe I went to the shade of course as it was far too hot! Mum loved it and sprawled herself out in the sun with a book. Honestly, she looked like a beached whale but don't tell her I said so. I hope she didn't scare the ducks!
I felt really sad for Simba at his new house and I know that he likes boats so thought he might like to see the boats too. Simba these "boat" photos are from me to you and I hope you cheer up a little bit. I did look out for him sailing would have been nice to have met him!

Friday, August 03, 2007

1, 2, labradoodle

As you know mum and dad met up with Jack the labradoodle while they were up in the Lake District at the weekend. Well, guess what! We have met another one!!! They are like London buses and come along together don't they!

First we saw Jack.....

and now meet Doodle the labradoodle....

How cute are labradoodles? Mum has now gone all soppy and really wants one...
Here are some pics of Doodle, Maysie and me playing!

We didn't half have some fun! Maysie is bonkers anyway and Doodle is just such bouncey fun too!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lake Windermere excitement

Now my mum, dad and the son have been away for a few days....did they take me I can hear you ask. Well no, actually they didn't take me but instead I was left at Jennies with lots of other lovely doggies to play with. I love Jennie as she lets us roam round her house just like it was ours. You can sleep on the sofas, sleep on the beds, in fact, do what you like. Now isn't that a lady who knows how to treat a dog!

The family went off to the Lake District to meet up with lots of friends for a special weekend. These friends come from all over the place and they all met at Fell Foot park that is on Lake Windermere for a picnic. One of mums friends lives by the Lake and went home to get his canoe and the son was desperate for a go...... Guess who fell in? Yep the silly son! Mum nearly stopped breathing on the spot as he couldn't get back on the canoe. The currents on the Lake are very strong and he was getting dragged further away from the shore. Some very horrible people went past on their boats and never even asked if the son needed any help. My mum called them a few names I think. Anyway, some very kind teenagers towed the son to shore. The son was very tired and tearful when he got a big hug from mum though!

I heard my mum telling her friend on the phone that while they were at the Lake they met a dog who was just wonderful. He was a labradoodle called Jack. Here he is looking very handsome and playful....why wasn't I there to play with him!

Mum has promised that the next time they go to the Lakes they will take me with them. I hope they do as I really like to swim in those lakes and chase the ducks and birds. I like Ambleside as they sell great ice cream on the edge of the Lake there!