Sunday, August 06, 2006

So, a bit about my friends!

Here is a little list of some of my doggy friends who I just adore to see and play with!

Bailey! Now Bailey is still a pup and just loves to romp in the long grass and is my partner in jumping in the brook. Oh do we get filthy and we both just love to see our owners faces when we run out all black and smelly.

Mollie! Oh I love Mollie. She is a little blue roan cocker and still a puppy so full of the joys of spring. We meet every morning and go for a romp with Bailey too. What a trio we are.

Kaiser! Now Kaiser is about a year old and is the most wonderful blue Wemareiner. He loves me for some reason and always runs off from whoever is walking him to find little old me. I am so flattered that anyone should like me so much.

Beau! Now Beau is a puppy too. Lots of us puppies about up the brook you know. I think Beau is going to have to get "done" as all he wants to do is hump me!

I'm tired now so will have to go and have a lie down....will write some more about my friends tomorrow.

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