Thursday, August 31, 2006

Chat, chat, chat....

My mum does know how to chat! She drives me mad....we always meet up with other dogs and my mum always manages to get chatting. Last night was a completely mad night. We ended up with about 10 dogs and all their owners chatting...didn't care about us, oh no, chat, chat, chat! Let me see if I can remember who was out. Boo, Dizzy, Molly the old English sheepdog, Dizzys sister Ella..I can't remember all their names but I do know I had fun!!

Molly the sheepdog, now there's a story! She was lost up there and her owners were so upset by it all, they used to run round and round just calling her name out. She couldn't get to them as she was stuck and was there for 3 whole days!! Can you believe that....I did feel so sad for her but at least she is back at home now.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


First they send me to Jennies and then on Thursday they decided to drag me off down to Kent to stay in this thing called a caravan. I had no idea what that was until I got there and to be honest I'm not so sure I liked it either. It's a big house type thingy. Mum wasn't too keen on going and the son was bored stiff as soon as we got there....Dad of course was happy.

There was a Staff called Jasper in the caravan next door.....I don't think he liked me to be honest. He did lots of barking at me so of course I had to join in. I used my big macho bark at him....hey, I was round my side of our van so what was all the noise about from him!! The only good point was the lovely walks we had on the beach. We had some real fun times and I do love swimming in the sea. Even the son come in an joined in the splashing.

Hee hee....look at the picture of me guarding the caravan inbetween barking at Jasper. I so enjoyed telling that silly dog off. Anyone would think he owned the place!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rain, rain and rain....

Rain, rain, rain and more rain!
Dad loves the rain. When it rains we just go walking for miles and miles and we both get sopping wet. Tonight silly dad forgot his lovely waterproof coat and got soaked right through and I just go soaked. I did look a sorry sight when I got back home.

They are still trying to win me back again as I am still sulking with them after being sent to Jennies at the weekend. So tonight I come home to chicken AND steak. Oooh is mum feeling bad about letting me stay there!! I just wonder how long I can keep the game up. I think mum will cotton on to me playing up pretty soon though. Then what?! I think I will be back to the handful of either Eukanuba or Hills. Actually I don't mind either but I won't tell them that will I *wink*

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back at home!

They did come back! I have to admit to getting a bit worried....they were gone so long!! Anyway, the 3 of them arrived dead on the stroke of 11am to collect me. Was I ever glad to see them!!!! I ran right over to dad and then the son...ignored mum, well, she only feeds me! She did get a bit upset though that I didn't make a fuss of her, I suppose I was a bit mean to her.
They took me straight to my favourite place, Trent Park for a lovely long walk and a swim in the lake. It was fun today as every dog in North London/Herts seemed to be there.

I got home to the biggest bowl of I really was mean to mum wasn't I as she has spoilt me with the steak. Yummy!! I got home and got plunged into the bath. What was that all about!!! Oh well, it was good to be at home again. Mum washed my bed out too and put the cushion in the washing machine "just incase" I had bought "anything" home with me....her mind works overtime about crawlies you know. So for now I have an old quilt put in the bed just to keep me comfy!

How I love being home!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's a loooong weekend....

Mum and Dad have gone away for the weekend leaving me with Jenny for 3 whole days and nights. I've never been to stay here before but have visited a couple of times. It's really lovely here though, very comfy and mum and dad even thought of my comfort and bought my bed here. I have had to fight a few other dogs off out of it though....flippin' cheek, it's my bed! Jenny calls me King Loui and just makes so much fuss of me that I just love it!

So they dropped me off Friday morning before they whizzed off to their weekend in the country. They were meeting with loads of other friends for some Mini weekend thing. I dunno, mum gets so excited about it all. She was looking forward to meeting some friends from Ireland (wherever that is!) as she chats to them on the computer all the time.

Mum took some lovely food to Jennies for me....chicken and steak and lots of biscuits and chews for me and my new found friends. I can't wait to see them though.....I do hope they are coming back for me. See, I am a little scared as they rescued me from the Mayhew animal rescue centre only a few months ago and I hope they haven't just dumped me here like my previous owners. I am sure they won't have but it's a little bit of a worry for me......

Hurry up and come and get me please!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Ah ha!

Tina and Mollie have returned! I was getting dead worried about all my friends not being out to play. Seems that Mollies mum and dad had to get some things from somewhere else that had a nice walk so they went there for a change. It is nice to have a change now and again, it's good to smell those different smells.

Dad called Sally this morning as he was worried what with the rumour of the fight and that. Sally was really pleased to hear from him and explained that the fight was nothing, just a little doggy scrap and all forgotten. Bailey has had an upset belly so not been well enough to come out. He probably had what I had in the week and was poorly.

I am so relieved that all my friends are well!!

Don't know what happened...

It's all been very odd the last few days!
Tina and Mollie have been missing in the mornings and I don't know why either. Then yesterday someone told my dad that Bailey and another dog called Tye had a major dustup!! Now I am horrified to hear this and am really worried about my friend Bailey. We heard that Bailey went for Tye and that it got really really nasty. Tye is a big dog, a Ridgeback/staffy cross. So Sally and Bailey have not been seen since this happened.

I am really sad too as it's really not the same to walk around on my own and not having a friend to pay with. I am really missing them all!

I must investigate this and will report back to you all........

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I was a bit under the weather.....

I forgot to tell you that yesterday I was a poorly little pooch! I got up and was sick twice. It's not like me to be sick and mum and dad were worried about me. Felt fine, had a really nasty taste in my mouth and everyone said my breath stank. Oooh woe was me. I also had a bit of a dodgy rear end too and was a bit "you know" and again this morning have been a bit upset. I feel fine though so perhaps it's just one of those bug things that my family get from time to time.

Molly was back this morning from her few days away in the Peak district. I really missed her and we had a fine time with Bailey all charging round like loonies. I think Bailey is going to be getting his bits chopped as he keeps on trying to hump Molly.....

Meeting of the mad dogs!

What a mad night!
We arrived at the brook just in time to meet up with Archie. Now I haven't seen him for weeks and wondered where he was. He has been in and been "done" and wasn't allowed out for 10 days. No wonder he was eager to play lots tonight. Oh and hasn't he grown. He is a real big boy now. The Kaiser come along....he just loves me and will not leave me alone. He fights off anyone who gets too near to me and just won't let anyone play. Bailey come along too and by now the three of us were having a great old game. The there was a new dog on the block....a super looking Husky. Oh wow was he lovely....only 4 months old too and beautiful. Mum took a real shine to him.

It was dark early tonight....another month and it will be dark at 8pm. What will we do then?? Mum has been talking about getting a flashing collar for the dark winter months....I hope she gets one as I will still need my walks in the winter!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Trent park again....

I love it there and was really happy dad decided to go back this evening. That meant I got to swim again. It was odd tonight up there. Dad parked up and off we went through the woods and as we come out onto the grass there was a great big gazebo erected with loads of people playing silly games. You should have heard the noise they made too! I could hear it down by the lake....noisey lot! I think they were some kind of religious group as they were singing songs together.

It started to rain towards the end of our walk and all of a sudden this man come charging up the path, puffing and panting behind us. He looked a bit out of place and I think mum thought what was he up to. Then his wife and kids come along too all with lovely brightly coloured umbrellas.

I got home to have a BIG bowl of freshly cooked chicken....I am really spoilt you know. Then I got some lovely biscuits too. I must have been really good today as I have had lots of treats. I thought that I may as well go play with mum so grabbed my pulley toy and went and plonked it on her lap. She is such a soft touch.....we had good fun and then it was finished off wtih a big cuddle from mum!


Saturday, August 12, 2006

Back to a favourite place tonight!

We went back to Trent Park tonight. We all really like it there but I knew where I wanted to the lake and made a b-line for it. Splosh, in I went and chased the ducks again!

I met another new friend, Dude, who is a collie cross and a had a really good game with him. He was frisky alright and had me running about all over the place. I was worn out when I got home. He was another resuce dog and now living happily with his new mum and on a farm too. How cool is that!

I spotted a heron standing on the grass tonight. I didn't know what to make of it to be honest. There it was all still and upright, scared the life out of me when I ran over to sniff it. Flapped it's wings and flew away...I only wanted to smell it!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Our posh but wet adventure!

Today we went posh and visited Highgate woods. Never been there before and had only been there a few minutes when it started to rain. That kinda put a longer walk off sadly but mum and dad didn't have coats with them and bless, they would have got wet!

I then went to visit my nan and she just loves to make a fuss of me. She always makes sure I have lots of fresh water and a biscuit or 2. I love my nanny!

Swimming, swimming in the swimming pool...

This evening I went swimming and that is a first for me! I do love a paddle but tonight, I went right in and swam. Mum was delighted and took lots of photos of me with her mobile so I hope they come out. Dad laughed along with mum and son and then again when I couldn't get out the pond. I loved this swimming lark and want to do it again and again and again....

On the way out of Trent Park there is another silly little pond so over I went to investigate, saw water and jumped in. Wrong move! This was not full of water but the thickest nastiest, smelliest black sludge you have ever seen. I thought I was going to be stuck in there for days..... I got out soooo black that dad had to go find a tap to try to wash me off before getting back in the car. Guess what? All the taps had been vandalised so I had to go home filthy dirty. They wasn't pleased and I have to say nor was I. So there I was, dunked in the bath and cleaned up and lovely again!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Quiet this morning....

Well todays walk was quiet. Mollie has gone on holiday for a few days so it was only really Bailey and me this morning. Dad and Baileys mum Sally had a good old walk round and natter as they normally do while Bailey and me sniffed out the fields. It was a bit breezy today too....not as warm as normal and to be honest it was nice not to be all hot and bothered.

Mum did my flea stuff last night so at least I have another 4 months free of those pesky things. I am so glad I don't have them. Yuk at the thought!!

I wonder what we will do today......

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kaiser did it again!

Had a really nice morning walk even though it was all wet and drizzling. Dad loves the rain and will walk me for miles in it, good job I don't mind.
Bailey and Mollie were out to play this morning and so the 3 of us ran riot again. We had a real game in the brook and I got home looking like a drowned rat. Just as I was about to get in the car I heard those familiar footsteps and yep, there was that Kaiser again. He just knew I was about and ran down to find me. I have no idea how he knows I am about, it must be my smell. I know mum is always saying I smell and squirting that smelly stuff all over me so perhaps I do smell afterall. Kaisers owners are away so the neighbour is looking after him and she just knows where she will find him (thankfully) should he run off.....he will be with Loui!

I think we are going off on some hike this afternoon....mum and dad are still making their minds up as to where we head. That means we will probably end up going nowhere....they sometimes never agree!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I am worn out!

I am just so tired today!
I was up and out by 6am again today. I was so eager to see Mollie and Bailey this morning. I so love running wild with them both. I ended up being out for about 2 hours this morning and went home happy but tired.
This afternoon dad decided we would have a long old walk again. We were out for 2 hours again....I have to say I did sit down a few times for a rest but off dad kept calling me to heel.
Then tonight again off we went and oh, everyone was out for a walk tonight. All the usual gang were there and we all had a fab time.
Sadly a couple of fellas come along with 3 dogs. They put 2 on leads and the third one, a german shepherd decided to take a disliking to me! Oooh dear, he really scared me and gave me a bit of a turn. He chased me and we got into a bit of a scrap. I was really upset and ran off to be by my dads side. do I look like a dangerous dog? I think the GSD was a reall bully! Dad was unhappy too about it but he gave me a good looking over to make sure I was ok. I kept by his side for a while, didn't want that GSD to come back again.

Monday, August 07, 2006

How kind of my dad

I had a wonderful day today! There I was this morning out running with Bailey and Molly working up an appetite as you do. It's hard work you know sniffing and smelling all those lovely smells in the fields.

I got home to find the biggest bowl of freshly cooked chicken waiting for me. Even I thought "whoo hooo" when I saw the size of it. I did my "I'm sitting here trying to look like I don't care" bit and then dived in. Oh it was good but I didn't quite manage to eat it all....then I heard mum telling dad off!!!

Mum had cooked a whole chicken the night before just for likkle old me. Dad this morning thought it was all for me for you can see why I didn't quite manage to eat it all but I did have a good go at it. I didn't want to look ungrateful did I!

Tonight was the last of my training classes. I can't say I'm not pleased to not have to go again either. Last week my silly mum left the box of liver treats in the boot of the car with me and I ate nearly half the box on the way to class....I heard her telling dad "they cost me £10 too" as I just sat there licking my lips. Of course when they tried to bribe me with them to do as I should in the class I wasn't in the slightest bit bothered....I'd had my fill of them already. I just wanted to go to sleep.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I do like to be beside the seaside!

I had a lovely trip to the seaside the other day...just wanted to show you a picture of me having a paddle in the sea!

So, a bit about my friends!

Here is a little list of some of my doggy friends who I just adore to see and play with!

Bailey! Now Bailey is still a pup and just loves to romp in the long grass and is my partner in jumping in the brook. Oh do we get filthy and we both just love to see our owners faces when we run out all black and smelly.

Mollie! Oh I love Mollie. She is a little blue roan cocker and still a puppy so full of the joys of spring. We meet every morning and go for a romp with Bailey too. What a trio we are.

Kaiser! Now Kaiser is about a year old and is the most wonderful blue Wemareiner. He loves me for some reason and always runs off from whoever is walking him to find little old me. I am so flattered that anyone should like me so much.

Beau! Now Beau is a puppy too. Lots of us puppies about up the brook you know. I think Beau is going to have to get "done" as all he wants to do is hump me!

I'm tired now so will have to go and have a lie down....will write some more about my friends tomorrow.

Chick, chick, chicken.....

Just had some lovely chicken...I do love chicken and if mum gives me anything else I kinda show her I'm not interested. Sometimes she will give me something else or sometimes she is a bit stubborn and tells me to eat it or go without. I suppose she's right though and I am a bit of a fuss pot just trying my luck.

I am really lucky you know. I get to have 3 beds! Can you believe that? One in the utility room, one in the sons bedroom and the other is in mum and dads bedroom. How cool is that! 2 of the beds are proper dog baskets but the other one is the sons old sleeping bag and that's nice as I can jump on it and ruffle it up a bit till it's comfy.

Where to start?

So why did I end up in a rehoming centre? Who knows! It was a bit of a shock to my system but sometimes we have to endure bad to get good.
I know one thing's for sure, I am very glad I am where I am now. What a super family I have. I have only been here a few months but ooooh, it's like a 5 star hotel. Dad walks me for miles and miles. Mum feeds me the most delishious food and the son plays great games with me....although he does tend to drive me potty when I am trying to sleep!