Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Meeting of the mad dogs!

What a mad night!
We arrived at the brook just in time to meet up with Archie. Now I haven't seen him for weeks and wondered where he was. He has been in and been "done" and wasn't allowed out for 10 days. No wonder he was eager to play lots tonight. Oh and hasn't he grown. He is a real big boy now. The Kaiser come along....he just loves me and will not leave me alone. He fights off anyone who gets too near to me and just won't let anyone play. Bailey come along too and by now the three of us were having a great old game. The there was a new dog on the block....a super looking Husky. Oh wow was he lovely....only 4 months old too and beautiful. Mum took a real shine to him.

It was dark early tonight....another month and it will be dark at 8pm. What will we do then?? Mum has been talking about getting a flashing collar for the dark winter months....I hope she gets one as I will still need my walks in the winter!!

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