Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A field just a bit too far!

So! Time has marched on and my mum has not updated my blog....but, she has a very good excuse so I might just let her off.

Mum is busy organising a charity Ball you see and she is sat at her computer knocking out letters to every Tom, Dick and Harry in the world 24/7 at the moment! She is actually going boss eyed from all the typing she is doing. She also has flat ears and a sore throat from talking on the telephone too!

In the meantime dad has been taking care of me. Now I don't mind that as dad is an easy touch you know. He is so easy to get extra biscuits out of. I just give him that "peeeeeeerleeeease" look and he gives me more!

On Saturday dad met up with Maisie and Bailey and their mums and went for a very long walk into territories unknown. We met up in the car park at 9am and off we went. Now we had ventured along this field before but we went further this time and managed to get lost after about an hour of walking. Maisies mum had no idea where she was nor did Bailies mum and dad certainly didn't either. Us doggies were very happy as we were having fun with the new smells. I think the people were all really worn out as they were all sighing and muttering about wanting a cup of tea...is that all humans think about in such times of worry! I wanted my chicken that I knew was sitting there at home waiting for me!

We eventually got back to the car park 3 hours later and all of us completely worn out and if I said we were dirty....trust me, we were black! Dad didn't take the camera so I don't have photos to show you but the bath I got dunked into as soon as I got home was disgusting to say the least!

We are all going again this Saturday and Cliffy and Mollie are coming too. Well that is if their mums get up early enough! (Mum says she knows you might be reading this too Shirley so get a wiggle on and don't be late!)

Friday, February 16, 2007

I've been on my holidays!

I have just got back from a wonderful holiday break up to Lancashire and the Lake District. Mum, Dad and the son all come along too and we had a fantastic time visiting some of mum and dads friends who moved "ooop narf" and who mum misses lots and lots. We had lots of bracing walks along the beach and when the tide was in we walked on the prom. It was very windy this day and there were winds of 70 miles per hour coming in off the Irish sea. I am so lucky I wasn't blown away!

We went up to the Lake District and had the most fantastic time with lots of walks and even a dip in Lake Windermere...well, until the swan decided to come over and hiss at me. What a cheek, I was only enjoying the water and was longing for a swim but everytime I got in the water that swan come and told me off!

Me and the son fed the ducks....until the swans come over to tell me off again!

I made a wish in the wishing well. I can't tell you what I wished for as they say it won't come true but let us just say it was something to eat.....

Oooh look! My wish come true in the shape of a lovely ice cream. They were the most wonderful ice creams. They were dipped in a hot chocolate sauce that went all hard on the ice cream. Mmmmmmm.....

On the way home I knew dad was worn out from all the driving (he didn't let mum drive once you know!) so I decided to help him drive and keep an eye out for all those pesky bad drivers that I hear him shouting about! Mum says: Loui did have his harness on and was nearly being choked here but he just had to be near to his dad!

I was so pleased to get home and sleep on mum and dads lovely bed, sleep on the sons bed, sleep on all the sofas, sleep on my other beds oh and to eat some home cooking again! Bliss!

Monday, February 12, 2007

A nice quiet early Sunday morning walk....


Got up the fields at about 6.30am and was ready and raring to run riot with Bailey, Boo, Mollie and anyone else who had mad owners who get up that early. We were all pottering about having a good old sniff when we heard sirens. Police cars and fire engines could be seen driving towards us, on the grass with all sirens going and lights on. We were quickly grabbed by our owners and everyone quickly jumped out the way. What on earth was going on!!

One policeman fell in the stream and got his trousers very wet. Another ran round the other way and over the bridge and another policelady told our owners to keep all the dogs on leads as they were letting their police dogs off in the fields. Blimey!!! We could smell burning and could see some people running with the police people in hot persuit too and it was just like a TV programme. When we walked on a bit further there was another stolen car and it was burning very brightly and looked like it had just been set on fire. Wasn't this exciting! Dad was worried about the car going bang so made sure we all stayed out of the way. My dad is always very careful about things as he never wants anyone to get hurt. He's my hero y'know!

One of the policemen did come back to explain what had happened and said sorry for making us all jump as they drove along the grass. Seems there has a been a gang of teenagers in the area who keep stealing cars and then setting them on fire....I would say that the police finally caught them at last. Why wasn't they at home my dad and the others wondered and where were their parents!

I am very pleased my mum and dad look after me and worry about me!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Blog of the day!

I've won an award!!!

Blog of the day!!!


Blog Of The Day Awards Winner

Thank you!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

White, white everywhere!!

It's here!!
So far today I have been out twice in this snow. First time was at 5.30am as normal and then again at 8am because the sons school was shut and he wanted to play with me in the snow.

We built the biggest snowman in the world!!!

I only met a few new friends this morning but only my good friends Bailey and Mollie come out to play....the others all chickened out and stayed home in the warm!

I'm going out again very soon.....I can't wait!!

Snow, snow, snow.....where?

Snow is forcast for the south east tomorrow and that means here! I wonder if it will snow. Those weather forcasters never get it right do they?! Will I get up to find 6 inches of snow as forcast? I bet there will be 1cm of snow if I'm lucky. Dad has got the sled out of the garden shed ready.....just incase he will need it tomorrow morning. Bailey, Boo, and Roxie and Rufus' mums have all said they will go out and have a go on it. Now this I have got to see. Can you imagine? No, nor can I to be honest. I just hope someone is there to take photos!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

That teasing cat.....

Anyone else know a cat that drives them mad?

There is a black and white cat that sits on the roof of MY shed and just, well, teases the life out of me. It will hiss at me, sussss at me and if it is given the chance will dart across MY garden and dare me to get him. You know what I mean? Yep, that cat is a downright tease and I am getting fed up.

Last week I saw him sitting there and barked the biggest macho bark and mum nearly dropped her tea with fright. She very kindly let me out into the garden so I could go and bark at him. Yesterday there he was....sitting there just begging for me to go get him if I could. Well, silly Mr Cat underestimated my speed!!!!! Oooh yes, Mr Cat was oh so nearly no more. (Mum would like to add that she would NEVER let anything hurt the cat as she likes them too much!)

Today, there I was minding my own business sitting in MY garden, sniffing MY air when there he was...at the end of MY garden. In MY garden, can you imagine that?? In MY garden!!!!!!!!!
I was shocked at first but I soon put myself into gear and ran up the garden so fast I suprised myself. I suprised Mr Cat too as he just looked at me with eyes the size of saucepan lids. He couldn't move. I skidded up to him and we both just looked at each other not really knowing what to do for the best. Did I just retreat back, tell Mr Cat it was nice to see him, thank him for visiting MY garden and then go inside or did I bark at him? What to do!?

I decided that I might just try out the bark and see what happened. So I barked my biggest bark and waited......Mr Cat just looked at me as if to say "oh yeah, and what?" so I barked again. By this time dad was stood at the door and mum was peering out the kitchen window with a very worried look on her face. I decided I might try the paw thing and kinda prodded Mr Cat with my paw....he didn't like that and bashed me back with his paw. Oh so he wants a fight eh I thought. By this time dad was there and scooped me up in his arms as he didn't want Mr Cat hurt. Mr Cat then ran off but couldn't climb the fence fast enough and kept falling back down. By now mum was in the garden too trying to shoooo Mr Cat off and help him escape as she was worried for him. Thankfully he got up the fence and had the cheek to hiss at us all!

Seems Mr Cat is the new cat on the block and is still a kitten and lives 2 doors up......I am going to have to show him this is my territory I think!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The sunny walk!

Anyone want to play with my stick?

Don't you just love it when the sun shines and dad says "come on Loui, lets go out"? I love it and sit at the door all excitedly and whine....don't know why I whine but I do and I think it's from excitement and anticipation!

We went to Hadley Woods and I have to say it's a wonderful place. Full of great dogs and the biggest lake with lots of fishermen all ready and waiting with treats for little me. Dad said I shouldn't bark up by the lake as the fish will all be scared off and the fishermen will shout at me. Well, I couldn't help myself and did bark and did get told off! Whoops....I dunno why the man told me to clear right off out of it. I'm only a dog doing what us doggies do best and that is bark!

I wanted to get in that lake you know but it was so cold and so I was really unsure. "Shall I, shan't I?" and I didn't know what to do for the best really. I put my front paws in the water and oh so nearly fell in but was lucky enough to be able to steady myself.

That'll do for me I think, home now for my breakfast!