Sunday, October 29, 2006

Today I am "Cool site of the day"

I am so very excited everyone!!
Today I am featured as "Cool site of the day" here so you must all go and have a look around this lovely site. I think at the end of the month you can nominate me for "Site of the month" too!

I feel so important you know. My mum is so clever that she has just looked at our site meter and seen that we have some new friends from Australia and the USA coming in here to read what I have to say. Hello everyone!!

Don't forget to leave a comment or two for me to read. I would love to see what my new found friends blogs are saying too!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oh nearly forgot to say...(click on this link please!)

My mum got a lovely phone call from Miss Mayhew from the Mayhew animal rescue home where mum and dad found me. Miss Mayhew come to our house a few weeks after I arrived to see how I was settling in and of course was delighted to see that I had settled just fine. Why shouldn't I have....this was the best house in the whole wide world!!!

Anyway, Miss Mayhew called again yesterday just to check and see how I was doing. Wasn't that nice of her?! Mum told her about my operation back in June and told her how well I did and how thankfully it was nothing other than a histocycloma or something that was not cancerous but cost £622....thanks heavens for pet insurance eh!! Miss Mayhew also got the impression mum and dad would one day be having another rescue doggy to keep me company. I think she was right as I have heard them talking about getting another keep me company of course!

My mum was delighted with the phone call and went into her normall silly self while she was telling dad all about the call. The smallest things please my mum you know. I do love her sooooo much!

Oh anyone reading this, please go and look at the Mayhew website. They have some webcams in the dogs rooms and you can see some of the lovely dogs, cats and rabbits who are waiting for someone to go and adopt them. I was in a room with a webcam in and the whole family watched me for a week after they were told they could adopt me. They loved it!!!!

How handsome am I now???

I got packed off to the grooming parlour yesterday afternoon.
It wasn't such a bad experience to be honest. I got some biscuits so that's always a good start in my book. I got a lovely wash and blow dry, my nails cut and all that hair sorted out. It was getting on my nerves to be honest too. Mum did instruct the lady in the parlour to try to leave as much of my quiff as she could as that is kinda my trade mark.

I was such a good boy that I was ready to be collected early so mum and dad couldn't wait to get me home and make a fuss of me. Even if I say so myself I looked handsome.
What do you think? Drop dead gorgeous or what??

I was then taken up to the Brook for a walk and of course, I just couldn't help myself but I had to dive in the brook and roll in the mud. Oooh I wasn't popular after that....not after they had spent £30 on me to look handsome!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Off to the grooming parlour tomorrow

Mum has decided that my hair has got long enough and I need a trim up. Actually what happened was that yesterday she was brushing me and found some matted bits that totally freaked her out. She got really worried about the matted bits as she couldn't get them out and I didn't let her either. Mum went off to Jolleys and got some special comb to get the matts out and then some anti tangle spray and not to mention the shiney coat spray too. I think she must have been on a spending spree as she got me a lovely waxed Barbour type jacket too. Sadly that don't fit and it has to go back tomorrow to get changed. I am going to be such a handsome boy you know!!

Look out for some pictures of me looking all groomed and handsome....welll actually I shall probably look a right banana with my new hair cut! Let me know what you think when you see the pics ok??

Friday, October 20, 2006

What a miserable week!

It's been a funny old week. My morning outing is in the dark, the lunchtime walk is in the daylight but the evening walk is more or less pitch black. I don't mind so much as I do have a rather attractive flashing collar so that dad can see me but it's just where's the fun in not seeing where you are heading?! Next weekend the clocks change and we will be going out in the evening in the complete darkness that means I won't be able to walk on the Brook anymore. It will be round the lit park that I'm not too keen's boring to be honest. There are always lots of pesky kids hanging around the kiddies play area too and now some of their older mates have motorbikes. Now they are scary!!! Dad says they are only hairdriers but nevertheless they scare me the way the kids whizz round on them. The don't wear helmets either so I dread to think what would happen should one of them fall off!

My dear old friend Boo the Samoyed has had a right old week. He has had this funny cough and his mum was worried so she took him to the vets. The vet suggested they did a little operation and put this light thing down into his lungs to see if everything was ok. The operation went well and Boo was fine as the vets couldn't see anything wrong. It cost £650!!! I think that these vets know we are so special that our owners insure us and therefore charge whatever they want. Flippin' cheek they have! Then this morning Boo was once again attacked by a boxer. This boxer has done it twice already and the last time my dad ended up getting bit trying to pull the boxer off. Anyway, Boos mum was so upset this morning and was crying her eyes out when we saw her. Boo was fine but a little shook up. Dad told Boos mum she must go and talk to the owner and see if he will muzzle the boxer or walk him somewhere else!

Poor Boo!

Sunday, October 15, 2006


At last mum managed to take a few photos! They are very blurred but they were taken on her mobile phone and the light was fading fast.
There were 11 dogs out with us on this walk so it was all very chaotic to say the least.

Boy did we have a good old run about!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Full house at the Brook tonight!

I think every dog in town was out to play tonight!
Let me think, there was Dizzy, Archie, Dusty, Maisie, Roxy, Boo, Bach, Rayne and few who names I can't remember right now. We had a right old game with Maisie. She is a 9 month old Weinareiner who is nutty to say the least. All she wants to do it bite my ears...she must like them though eh!

Dad went home this morning with blood all up his arm. Boo and a boxer had another fight this morning and dad put his hand in to grab Boo but got bit. Mum said dad has to stop doing that and didn't he learn his lesson with Jason (their first dog). Jason got attacked by a staffie and not only was Jason in hospital for a few days but dad got taken to hospital for the bites he got to his face and arm. What a mess he was in and mum said he must not get in a mess like that again!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

A day trip to the seaside!

Oh I had a lovely day trip to the seaside yesterday. We went to Camber Sands and that was after I saw it mentioned on my friend Kevins blog page. It looked so nice with the great big beach that we decided to have the day there. Mum took some sarnies and other goodies and some lovely chicken, a great big bottle of water, some biscuits and treats for me. The traffic was horrible and it took us 3 hours to get there and I was really ready for a run on the fantastic beach.

We met up with some interesting dogs including another Sprocker called Florence. She was 8 months old and I really liked her. We had a good old chase round and had lots of fun in and out the sea. We then met up with a blue roan cocker called Cookie with her 11 week old orange roan cocker brother called Cappie. They were good fun to play with too!!

A day at the seaside don't half wear you out....I slept all the way home!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Had a quick walk tonight!

What a miserable day!
Raining really heavy tonight so my walk round was a quick one. Mum hates the rain but dad loves it. Mum was all wrapped up and even put her wellies on. We met Archie tonight and his mum has a pair of polka dot mum was very impressed at them.

We saw these 2 guys walking round the fields tonight and they were dressed in combat outfits. How odd!!!! My mum did ask if they were on a mission or lost their tank.

I just wanted to get home for my was delish!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Don't you kick me.....

Never a dull moment when you're out with us you know! We decided to go out a bit earlier tonight seeing how the nights are drawing in now winter is on the way. We arrived about 6ish and it was nice to see that Troy and Cliffy were out too. Punch was about somewhere but wasn't sure where. All of a sudden Wilkie come bounding up to me and I didn't like what he did and I growed at him. The next thing I know is that he got a bit cross and his dad went to kick me!!! My mum and dad ran down the hill to me and I sort of, and mum too, would have killed the fella had his foot connected with any part of me!

Phew, mum ranted and raved all the way round Buttercup field at how this fella had been and she was very upset about it. I must admit that I didn't know what it was all about but do know that I have never growled at any other dog up the Brook before and I it is so not like me...will keep away from Wilkie in future I think. I know that mum and dad will do too.

We walked off with Cliffy and Troy and all of a sudden Cliffy's mum got knocked right up in the air and then next thing we knew there she was laid out on the floor! OMG what a shock for her. My mum ran over to help her but she was just laying there motionless. She was fine but they were all concerned for her as it really must have knocked her for six.

I was glad to get home to be honest. I knew that mum had got me one of those lovely roast chickens from the supermarket and she was going to let me have half of it for my tea....oooh it was lovely and I ate every last bit of it. I know I have the other half for my breakfast in the morning too.....hmmm, can't wait!