Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oh nearly forgot to say...(click on this link please!)

My mum got a lovely phone call from Miss Mayhew from the Mayhew animal rescue home where mum and dad found me. Miss Mayhew come to our house a few weeks after I arrived to see how I was settling in and of course was delighted to see that I had settled just fine. Why shouldn't I have....this was the best house in the whole wide world!!!

Anyway, Miss Mayhew called again yesterday just to check and see how I was doing. Wasn't that nice of her?! Mum told her about my operation back in June and told her how well I did and how thankfully it was nothing other than a histocycloma or something that was not cancerous but cost £622....thanks heavens for pet insurance eh!! Miss Mayhew also got the impression mum and dad would one day be having another rescue doggy to keep me company. I think she was right as I have heard them talking about getting another keep me company of course!

My mum was delighted with the phone call and went into her normall silly self while she was telling dad all about the call. The smallest things please my mum you know. I do love her sooooo much!

Oh anyone reading this, please go and look at the Mayhew website. They have some webcams in the dogs rooms and you can see some of the lovely dogs, cats and rabbits who are waiting for someone to go and adopt them. I was in a room with a webcam in and the whole family watched me for a week after they were told they could adopt me. They loved it!!!!

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