Thursday, July 05, 2007

There's another dog in the house!!!!!!!

Meet the lodger!

Mum and dad offered to dogsit Bailey for just over a week while his family went on holiday. Baileys mum packed his bag for him and he arrived on Friday evening with everything he could possibly need for his stay....this included a towel, 2 collars and leads, his food and water bowls, several toys, his bed, 2 blankets, his wet weather coat, his stinky food and loads of biscuits! Anyone would think he was coming to stay forever!!!

When he first arrived me and Bailey chased each other round and round the house like a pair of loonies. We thought we were still up the park and had all that empty space. Wrong! It's a bit chaotic when you have stuff like furniture in your way. Mum thought it was highly amusing to watch us both. The photo above is from Friday night with us both play fighting each other. No one thought we were ever going to settle down and would be like it all night. I don't think they would have been pleased if we had done that do you!

Well, I'm worn out and I went and sat on the sofa in the hope Bailey would let me have a nap......he took no notice and wouldn't leave me alone! Goodness that dogs got some stamina. Bailey has slept on mum and dads bed, on the sons bed too, slept on the sofas and eaten chicken nearly every day with me. When he goes home I think he will miss me....I think I might just miss him too.

It's been really nice having Bailey stay as a house guest but I won't miss his bottom burps.....he stinks!