Monday, March 26, 2007

Summer is here at last!

Now the clocks have changed and gone forward an hour that means the evenings are lighter when I go out for my evening constitutional. Tonight felt just like the old days. Everyone was out! Maysie, Cliffy, Dizzy, Roxie, Rufus (still plane chasing!), Boo and my dear old friend who I have not seen since last summer, Archie! Archie is a red cocker spaniel who I adore and I was so pleased to see him again after so long.

We all met in the summer car park and it's been months since we last done that. We had a good old walk up the back fields, round the golf course and back to the summer car park. It felt really, really good to be back with all my friends and in the summer side of the fields again!

Oh I feel good!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Puppy pictures and more mud

My friend Maysie sent me some photos this week of her when she was a puppy. Now I don't have any photos of me when I was a puppy as I didn't live in this house then so it really made me smile to see these photos. Isn't she soooo sweet!

Maysie is now much bigger and has lost most of the puppy look but I still love her. We go on some fabulous walks with my other lovely friends over the fields. Maysies mum seems to have got a better sense of direction now and we don't seem to get so lost. This weekend we found another walk and yet more styles to climb over. My dad loves it and mum wonders what time he will get home again on Saturday mornings. Mum says they look like Enid Blytons "Famous Five go on a hike together" and is waiting for dad to request a Thermos flask and sandwiches to take with them on future adventures!

Trouble is, when I get back I am normally soooo dirty and muddy that I need a good dunk in the bath to get rid of all the mud.

Happy muddy walking everyone!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tempus fugit

Don't time fly!
Mum is shocked that a whole week has gone by without any blogging getting done. She says this is bad and really must pull her typing fingers out and pay attention to what I have to tell her.

So today is Mothers day and I thought I best give my old mum some extra loving and lots of big hugs and kisses. She fell for the snuggle and cuddle in bed at about 6am this morning and forgave me for waking her up. I just gave her the "oh but I love you sooooo much" look and that was that....a big cuddle and she went back to sleep cuddling me!

The son decided to cook mum bacon rolls for breakfast and of course I got to enjoy the bacon too. I love Sunday breakfast. Mum has done nothing so far today except chat on the phone to her friend, read the newspapers, and chat to another friend who called her. Lazy or what!

I hear that snow is on the way again. I wonder if Marvin has any yet? Scotland normally gets the first lot and then the rest is blown down towards Simba, Oscar and myself.

Hope all your mums have a great day!


Saturday, March 10, 2007

The birthday celebrations!

So tomorrow is my birthday.....I will be the grand old age of 2!

Mum and dad decided to take me to Jolleys in Enfield to buy some lovely things to put into doggy bags for all my fellow walkers tomorrow up the park. Only problem is that we are going out so my birthday will have to be postponed until Monday. Mum wanted to make a doggy birthday cake for me and my friends too but she has somehow managed to loose the special recipe she found. I really will have to get her a new memory as she seems to be very forgetful these must be her age!

Hmmmm.......these look very intersting!

Hang on! These biscuits look even more interesting and they are there waiting for me to sample.....or are they? Will the big man come and tell me off or even worse come and tell mum off?!

Bonios anyone?

This bacon bone was left there on the floor and it was just oh so tempting...... I investigated it and sniffed it and pawed it and sniffed it again and then decided that I didn't like the smell.

We got enough stuff to make up 10 birthday party bags. I must get dad to put them in the car first thing in the morning so as not to forget them. His memory is as bad as mums at that really is his age!

I was really hoping for that cake but I am sure mum will find where she put the recipe and make the cake for me and my friends.