Thursday, October 25, 2007

The surprise item....

Well as you all know the nights are drawing in and we are now more or less walking in the dark. I have my lovely flashing light as do all the other dogs too. We look like a firework display. Tonight was a busy night with Boo, Cliffy, Doodle, Maysie, Ruby and little old me with my new super duper haircut. There were lots of other dogs along our way as normal too!

Now you all remember Boo has a glove, hat, scarve or anything knitted fetish don't you? Boo decided to go into the childrens playground and have a good old sniff about. The gate is missing and there are always gangs of teenagers hanging about in there and Boo goes in there and sends them all running as of course all he wants is their knitted items. Tonight the playground was empty...thankfully!

In Boo goes and seeing as he is a gigantic white ball of samoyed fluff he is easy to see despite it being dark. All of a sudden he jumped up on the picnic table in the playground and we could all see he had something in his mouth. Our mums all screamed that he was eating something and Boos mum got all worried and ran to see what it was. A pair of knickers! Before you ask, I have no idea why they were there.....but someone must have gone home feeling rather cold. His mum pulled them out of Boos jaws only to find that both Boo and her were covered in what she thought was lots of nasty doggy doo....we all think that it was actually human doo! Yikes!!! How awful is that? My mum felt ill after that and Boos mum went home and threw his lead and heaven knows what else in the bin as she was covered in the mess. She bleached her hands too and had a bath to get rid of the awful smell!

Oh sorry doggies, has this story been filled with far too much information? My mum and the others were horrified that someone could leave that around and especially in a childrens playground.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A nice new sparkly collar!

So what do you think of this lovely new sparkly collar then? Isn't it posh?! My lovely friend Cliffy has a great mum who managed to win a competition from Pets at home and she won a great big hamper of doggy goodies. There was food, collars, leads and other stuff. There were so many collars that nearly all the doggies in our walking gang were given one of these each. Some were pink for the girlies, some were black for the boys and we all look rather nice wearing them. Mum has decided that it might be best if I only wear my sparkly collar for "best" or when exepcting guests at home or it might get ruined. So I am sending a really special big "thank you" to Cliffy and his mum!

My friend Archie (cocker spainel) has an "at home" collar that his mum puts on him when he gets home from his walks. I've not seen it but I bet it's not as nice as my new collar. Have I told you about Archie?? Mum loves him. He loves to chase tennis balls and when he has them thrown for him he runs like the wind and kind of squeaks with excitement. Mum thinks this is hysterical and will laugh so much at him. She says he sounds like one of those teddies where you can squeeze the belly and it makes the same noise.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

OMG....has it been that long?

Ooooh dear! My mum should hide her head in shame....has it really been 2 months since she last posted? I think it might be. Mum got told off last night by her friend Andrew (hello Andrew, she's updating this blog after you nagging her OK??!!) for not updating this blog and she didn't realise it had been so long! The last time mum tried to update the blog was ages ago when Bailey was staying and she had lots of pics to post of us all down on the beach at West Whittering-on-Sea and after all her typing it wouldn't post so she was a little fed up to say the least!

Here you can see me and Bailey digging for England on the beach at West Whittering.....we really enjoyed that day you know!!

Well, lets hope mum will get her typing fingers out and update my blog more often. Hope you are reading this Andrew.....your words must have motivated mum into doing this!