Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mr friend Boo!

Today I want to tell you about my friend called Boo (no not that one!) who I adore! Boo is a 2 year old Samoyed and he is just like a big fluffy ball of cotton wool. He has sooooo much hair and to make matters worse it's white....well some times it's white. He likes to come in the brook and paddle or swim with me you see and always comes out a delicate shade of blurrgh (green) much to his mums horror!

Now Boo has a terrible fetish for all things knitted and just loves hats, gloves, scarves, jumpers, etc and will go to the end of the earth just to get them. Most of our fellow dog walkers have been near strangled by Boo in the winter months as he grabs the end of our scarves and tries to run of with it. Gloves are ripped off their hands too as he tries to make a tasty meal from a mitten. In the colder months everyone tends to walk with gloves on and then put their hands in their pockets if Boo is about....can't think why!

In this picture you can see Boo and me kissing! Yep kissing!!! We just love each other so much that we can't bear to be parted. In this photo we were at the end of a walk and were about to be put in the cars when we just had to kiss and say goodbye (cue song!) till the next morning. How cute is that!

I love Boo!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm tagged eh!

OK wanted an unusual photo did you?

This one was taken about 11 months ago not long after I arrived at my lovely forever home!

I used to sit at the top of the stairs waiting for dad to come home or just so that I could see what was going on all over the house. I am a nosey dog you know and from up there I was nearly King (just like Simba!) of the house. This day I had decided that I would lay on the stairs waiting for dad to come home and mum was so amused she got the camera and took this photo!

They have still not decorated the hall yet nor put carpet down as mum can't find what she likes...women eh! I did try to help mum wallpaper the hall by pulling some paper off...she wasn't too pleased though and now can't find that same expensive paper to match and put back up. She really wasn't too pleased with me!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

We are back.....hurray!!!

Well, I am finally allowed back on here again!

My mum has been doing all sorts of stuff and is now finally back in the land of the living, she just can't say "no" to anything you know. Mum has been organising yet another Charity Ball and seeing as the Ball took place last weekend she can finally relax for a while. I have to report that next years Ball is already being planned. Is this woman mad or what!? It was worth it as so far to date over £8,000 has been raised and there is still more money trickling in so yes it was worth it!! The Charity was Marie Curie Cancer Care as mum wanted to help give back what MCCC gave to her mum when she was cared for in one of their hospices.

I got taken to school recently. I really enjoyed being in there too with all the toys although none of them wanted to play with me. Look at this rug I tried getting to understand things from my point of view. It gave up and just laid there letting me roll all over it!

Then I had a wonderful time going round looking at all the toys and wondering what went on at a school. Seems to me there is some really cool stuff going on.

Doors to the outside eh! OK, lemmie out and lemmie play......

These two photos are for my pal Jackson! Look what I found so decided to pose with them just for you!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sunday was my Adoption day!

Sunday 13th May was my adoption day!

I have been here in this lovely house for one very happy year. The Mayhew was a great place, don't get me wrong but here is much nicer.

It was a bit odd when I first met my new family and I was a bit scared about them perhaps not loving me or being horrible to me. I had been in a house where the last family didn't have the time to care for me properly or give me lots of cuddles and walks. So I was worried this family might be the same or worse if that was possible!

No need to worry! The new family were just so kind and took me on some fantastic walks the first weekend here. We went to Trent Park, Regents Park and round the local streets so I could get used to them.

I have had a wonderful year and just wanted to share this with all my friends!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I've been to visit the vet today!

Well it's that time of the year when a dog has to go and say hello to the man in the green jacket for his vaccinations! My silly mum had forgotten they were due and it wasn't until she got a letter from the vet reminding her about them that she went into panic. I didn't realise where we were going but knew it was somewhere I hadn't been for a long long time. The last time was when I had my little operation back in June of 2006. I had a little lump come up on my head and mum was really worried. It was removed and I was fine!

The nice man in the green jacket came out to say hello and make a fuss of me. I remember this guy from before and have to say, he is an alright guy as far as vets go! How many of you remember the thermometer at each visit to the vets? Yeah, so you know what I mean! Thankfully I was only having my vaccinations.

I got weighed and have put on 5lb since my last visit about 10 months ago. It's all those treats I get eh....I hope they don't stop giving me them! Julius also listened to my heart, looked in my ears, made sure my microchip was still where it should be and generally gave me the once over. Of course Julius told mum I was fighting fit and a lovely dog....I could have told them that. Now where's the treat for being good???

On the way out my other new best buddie Danny was there waiting to give me some attention and cuddles while mum paid the bill. I loved that! I had such a nice time that I want to go back again......the biscuits were lovely!