Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I've been to visit the vet today!

Well it's that time of the year when a dog has to go and say hello to the man in the green jacket for his vaccinations! My silly mum had forgotten they were due and it wasn't until she got a letter from the vet reminding her about them that she went into panic. I didn't realise where we were going but knew it was somewhere I hadn't been for a long long time. The last time was when I had my little operation back in June of 2006. I had a little lump come up on my head and mum was really worried. It was removed and I was fine!

The nice man in the green jacket came out to say hello and make a fuss of me. I remember this guy from before and have to say, he is an alright guy as far as vets go! How many of you remember the thermometer at each visit to the vets? Yeah, so you know what I mean! Thankfully I was only having my vaccinations.

I got weighed and have put on 5lb since my last visit about 10 months ago. It's all those treats I get eh....I hope they don't stop giving me them! Julius also listened to my heart, looked in my ears, made sure my microchip was still where it should be and generally gave me the once over. Of course Julius told mum I was fighting fit and a lovely dog....I could have told them that. Now where's the treat for being good???

On the way out my other new best buddie Danny was there waiting to give me some attention and cuddles while mum paid the bill. I loved that! I had such a nice time that I want to go back again......the biscuits were lovely!


Maggie said...

You like the ouchies??!! hummmmmmmm not sure which is better - the thermometer or the shot! Tough decisions! Good thing it's only once a year huh Loui!

Love ya lots,

Simba said...

I love going to the vets. They give you treats. Mummy always feels bad because I'm so pleased to be there and don't seem to realise there may be pain.

Simba xx

Blue said...

What an amazingly good boy your are @ the vets. My 'My one True Love', normally so wonderfully good natured, was awful...I never quite worked out who was the most scared, him or the vet!!!

Pats & pets to you.

PS would love you to sign my new Guest Book!

Oscar Airedale said...

Well done Loui! Your vet looks like a lovely smiley man! I think I may have injections again soon as I am nearly 1 now, so guess it's a year since I last had any.

Oscar x

Marvin The Dog said...

Hey Loui! Good to see you and hear your Vet news......I do not like the Vet too much, nor does Jeannie, she says the bill hurts her more than the thermometer hurts me!

You look very handsome in the pictures and your vet looks such a nice man!

love and many Scottish Licks
from your Pal Marvin xxxxx

Boomer and his mom Carol said...

Don't worry about the five pounds Loui, it's there to keep you warm!

Sharon said...

Hmm. Snickers big day is next month. I can't believe how nice she is about going after they lopped her leg off.
Sharon and Snickers

Jackson said...

You are very brave about going to the vets. I hate it! I have to go once a week at the moment for my blood tests. They all know me now because I'm such a baby and bark and/or howl the place down! J x

T-man said...

Loui - It's nice to hear of a harmless vet visit with treats and hugs to boot!! Don't worry about the 5 lbs. It doesn't show at all!!


Smudge said...

Reminds me of my lovely vet, he gives me treats and tells mum they are vitamins - LOL! and she believes him!!

Kisses, Smudge xx