Sunday, April 29, 2007

I went to a party yesterday!

I went to the party yesterday and had a chat with one or two other doggies who were there at the same time as me. I did pop in and out a few times to say hello to my doggie friends.

Hope you all had a great time!!

Loui xx

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I can't see the sea....

How long is it since my mum let me come in here and update my blog???? Far too long in fact and my doggie friends have had to have a word with mum tonight up the park and tell her off. "Go home now and let Loui update it" they told her. Well, I made out I wasn't taking any notice of what they all said but I was glad they did tell her off. It would seem my public are missing me and my tales.

So, Minnis Bay! Seeing as it was half term about 2 weeks ago mum, dad, the son and little old me all went off for a day out by the sea. Dad as normal put his shorts on and was all prepared for a hot day. He insisted that the son wore his shorts too. Mum, well mum being the old salty sea dog that she is knew that as we were going to be by the coast it would be a little cooler and wore a cardigan and combats. She ain't silly y'know!

So set the sat nav and off we went. When we finally found the place mum had read about we all laughed out loudly. FOG! As you can see the beach was only just in sight and the sea, well, we couldn't see the sea! It was a little eerie not being able to see land nor the sea when on the beach...,mum found it really weird indeed.

I tried to play but couldn't find the tennis balls dad was throwing for me. I was quite amused watching him run and find the balls. I must remember that the next time I'm bored!

Minnis Bay is in Kent. It's not that far really from Dover with it's white chalk cliffs, so there was lots of chalk on the beach and being the daring doggie that I am I thought I best leave my mark. I found a big chunk of chalk and wrote my name on the sea wall! How daring was that!!! Mum said I was a hooligan and must stop it right away.......

Thursday, April 12, 2007

They've been gardening!

Today dad decided to get the dreaded grass eating machine thingy out! What an odd thing. I sat there and watched.....then decided it was time to bark at it.

I had to let it know who was boss in MY garden didn't I!!! I mean, I don't let them there cats in and I'm not so sure I want one of these monsters to come in either really. Dad said I was being silly and just ignored me. Hey guys, can you see the mess of the garden? Great eh and all my own work! I am doing a little more digging down the other end of the garden, you can't see it but the holes are impressive you know and getting bigger by the day. I have taken a liking to mums hydrandrea too, goodness do they taste good.

Mum decided enough was enough with all the flies that come in and went out and got this screen thingy to go at the kitchen door. Hmm.....what to do now?

I can see through it alright. Why is mum standing there laughing at me?

I have no idea how to get through this screen thingy so I guess I have to just 'er, sit here and wait till they let me in! I am hungry though and my biscuits are just the other side of this screen but I just don't know how to get in.....

I think I'll just lay down and wait..... Can you see that chew mum put down on the floor of the utility room to entice me in? She is such a tease and she is still standing in the kitchen laughing at me! I had several lessons from both mum and dad on how to simply walk through the screen in the end and it's a doddle really. Just push through and there are the biscuits. I hope it won't cramp my style when I have to rush out into the garden in a hurry if I spy a cat.....

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Very odd people there are about y'know!

There have been some funny goings on during our morning walks you know. For the last 4 or 5 mornings there have been some very odd looking people standing on the back field. They are all dressed in white dress type outfits with hoods. They stand there in a circle chanting and making funny movements.....all very odd I'm sure! So who are they and more importantly, what are they doing? I heard mum tell dad that they could be Druids celebrating something. Mum thought they did that at the Summer equninox so it wouldn't be that just yet, could it? It's very puzzling but they are out early that's for sure. I mean, who would get up and go to the muddy fields at 5.30am wearing a white dress?

A while back there was a man who walked round carrying a machette type of knife thingy and then there was the lady doing Tai Chi and both very early in the morning. Yesterday morning as I was walking with Molly and Bailey these 2 youngish guys come along. They were making loads of noise and drinking beer. Remember, it was only about 6.30am and I think they must have been out all night and were drunk. One of the lads started shouting and saying that he hated dogs and went to kick Molly! OMG!!!! Thankfully he was too drunk to even see straight let alone us dogs correctly and he missed but what if he had hurt her. I don't want to think about it. It really isn't nice is it.

I feel sad now that our lovely walks get spoilt by horrible people. I suppose that in the summer all the teenagers will appear with their silly motorbikes and race up and down and round the fields terrorising everyone. My mum hates that. She knows they are probably bored and don't have anything better to do but why do that!

Here's a silly photo of me VERY asleep on mum and dads big white bed (ssssh, they forgot to put the throw on the bed to stop it getting muddy)!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

And yet another of my lovely friends.....

Meet Cliffy!

Cliffys mum sent me this wonderful photo of Cliffy aged about 2 months. How sweet is he?! You may remember me telling you that Cliffy is also a rescue dog and so that makes him even more special. He may be weeny but he gets out there and plays with the big guys like Dizzy and Boo and don't stand for any nonsense from them. He whizzes off and plays like a man, sorry I mean dog.

My mum has a secret soft spot for Cliffy and just wants to take him home and let him sit on her lap all the time. She tried it with me but hey, I'm a big dog y'know and don't do that sitting on laps stuff. I'll sit next to everyone, even sit on their heads when they are in bed but rarely I'll let them do the lap thing. I have my park cred to protect. How would Maysie look at me if she knew I sat on laps?

Love you Cliffy!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Presenting Bailey!

Mum received these super photos in her email this week and I am so excited and told her to hurry up and post them here. These are photos of my partner in crime....Bailey when he was a puppy! Now Bailey is a cross breed and my dad said he wasn't sure what he was crossed with but perhaps a Yorkshire terrier or similar. What do you all think? Isn't he sooooo sweet!!!

I meet Bailey every single morning and nearly every evening for our walks. We get on so well and just seem to be glued at the hip as we do everything together. We chew the same stick, we chase the same squirrels and even jump up our mums and dads at the same time to get a treat.

I just love Bailey!