Saturday, December 30, 2006

A major disaster tonight

What a night. Mum and dad had some friends coming round tonight so they were busy getting things ready when all of a sudden *crash*! Mum ran down the stairs to see what was going on and there was dad, in a panic, standing in amongst this mess! Oddly enough mum had her new camera to hand and took this didn't really see the funny side of that actually!

Dad shouted to mum that she must get hold of me and not let me out into the utility room as he had dropped his lagers and there was broken glass everywhere. Well, me being me had to go and look and I got rather excited at the smell of beer. I wanted to get out there and lick it all up....but instead got taken into the living room and made to stay there while the mess was cleared up. I heard dad say that he couldn't believe what was happening as he had his trainers in one hand and the box of lagers he had in his other hand just all of a sudden broke. He was standing right by my downstairs bed and the lot just fell into the bed and there was nothing he could do about it. He was also amazed that only 4 bottles out of 24 broke.....he said it must have been his lucky night.

So now mum has had to wash all the cushion in my bed and to be honest, I'm not happy about that. It has taken me ages to get that cushion all smelly, dirty and nice and now she has gone and made it smell of some soap powder and softener stuff....I will have to go roll in the garden tomorrow and see how quickly I can make this bed mine again!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

A lovely walk down by the Thames

In order that my mum, dad and the son walk off some of their Christmas over indulgences we all went for a walk down by the river Thames. Now the Thames is a loooooong river but there are so many things to do and see down at the London end of it. We went to the Millenium bridge and had a wonder over that and goodness me, it was chocka block with people. Tourists my mum called them as they all spoke in funny languages. They all loved me so that was a real result as they all kept making a fuss of me and I really enjoyed that!

This photo is me and dad waiting for the son to stop fiddling with some machine on the embankment that sent a photo to friends. The son loved the machine!
This photo is of me on the bridge looking down at everyone whooshing to and fro on their way to wherever. I felt really high up and like King of the Castle up there and didn't want to move.
Mum took lots of photos (she got a lovely new camera from Santa) and I think they are going to be for the other blog so keep your eyes open for what she posts over there when she has the time!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas everyone!!


I have had a really nice walk this morning and I got to do my most favourite thing. I rolled in fox poo! Well, it is Christmas! I should have known that as soon as I got home dad was going to put me in the bath but hey, it was worth the look on mum and the sons face when I ran into the front room to say hello!! They both screamed at me to get in the bath....some welcome home that was!

I got some bacon for breakfast and a nice cup of hot tea too.

Don't cha just love Christmas!

This is hard work all this ripping paper lark! Can you see that pink tin? That was full of doggy treats and a great toy to play tug with. Oh and the doggy Christmas stocking behind that too? That was full of yummy things that I am going to totally dog out on later on today!

Mmmm, that paper tastes good!

In fact, it's probably better than the turkey I will have for my dinner over my nanny Jeans today!

I'll just sit back and look at everything and then decide what I am going to attack next!

Can you see part of the son ripping open his presents? He got some cool stuff and was really excited. I didn't like this eau de dishwater he got. Yuk nasty stuff, and it didn't smell half as good as that wonderful fox poo I found this morning!

I'm worn out now....where's the mince pies and sherry?

I'll be going out soon for my dinner at nannys and mum and dad have got me a lovely new navy leather collar to wear. My grandad thinks my mum and dad are mad for getting me all these little presents.

He's probably right!

Happy Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas everyone!

So here we are....some of us have already opened our presents, some of us are still waiting. That's me, I'm still waiting and very impatiently too. They are all wrapped up under the tree and I can sniff some wonderful things lurking there. Mum wanted to take a photo but the silly camera has decided to die and death and it's looking like it may never work again. To add insult to injury the charger won't work either now so all photograhpic assignments are on hold for now. What a time for it to happen too!

I want to wish all my lovely super duper doggy friends a very Happy Christmas and hope you got or get what you wished for.

My mum, dad and son wish all your humans all the best for a fantastic Christmas too and are delighted I am such a popular doggie and have such great blogging pals!

We love you all!!

e e e e e e e e e e

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Even more fog!

This fog is getting silly now. Even a simple walk up the fields is a major exercise....I can't run off too far as mum and dad get in a panic. Mind you, so do I if I can't see them and with this fog it's a bit of a problem. You can see how foggy it was in this picture.

We had a lovely walk today up the fields and met up with a lovely 6 month old English springer spaniel called Jake. Oh we were such buddies but he had longer legs than me and kept outrunning me. I didn't fancy a dip in the lake today, it was far too cold and icy. I ran over a puddle that was still frozen and as I trod on it the ice cracked. Scared me it did but I did bend down and have a good old crunch on the ice. In fact I laid down and had a good crunch on that ice and it tasted good.

I do like to chew on branches and most of the best tasting ones are bigger than me!

You could get REALLY lost in this fog you know!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The dreaded Christmas outfit!

So mum has at long last decided to put the silly Santa outfit on me and take photos to show everyone. How stupid did I feel? VERY! Mum, dad and the son all thought it was highly amusing to see me with antlers...I just wish I could have shared their amusement.
I was more worried about how you lot would think I looked and if you were going to laugh at me and to make matters worse....they forgot to cut the label out of the antlers!

Can you see the look of "Why are they laughing at me" on my face?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


London is in the grips of fog and fairly bad fog too actually. Heathrow has cancelled so many flights today and tomorrow, so who knows if it will lift. The weather has been so very cold too and infact the temp gauge in dads car said it was -0.5 degrees this evening on our way to the park. The ground was a tad crunchy up the park and what with the thick fog it was an odd walk. Mum said that perhaps this cold snap will kill off all the horrible germs that seem to be lurking around at the moment.

Some kids had got into the playground and set fire to the climbing equipment. What little monsters....mum was worried I would wander in there and get hurt. The other dogs and I all avoided that place as it was noisey too with the kids making lots of noise.

Well, Boo hasn't been seen since the banana episode. We are all a little concerned as to his well being. Is he sick? Did he explode? What?! Then again, his constitution must be tough as he very prone to stealing and then running off and eating hats, gloves and scarves so who knows, the bananas may have gone down a treat.

I had a rather odd thing happen tonight up the park. I was on guard duty you see and as I normaly do I went charging off and barked very loudly just to let everyone know King Loui had arrived. For some very odd reason my bark nearly ended up as a deep, macho howl type affair. Mum nearly wet herself laughing at me. I don't know why! I thought I was being all beastly and frightening. I must practise that out in the garden and scare all the pesky cats off. There is one cat who is so going to miss it's footing one day. He dives off the wall and onto the shed and just sits there and hisses at me....he is the cat I am going to practise this macho image on I think!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Yes we have no bananas

Ever heard that song before? It's an old English music hall song. I don't know when it was first sung but I'd say back in the early 30's at least.
The reason for me singing this is that my dear old glove stealing Boo tonight ate 7 bananas (skin and all) after stealing them from the kitchen table. His mum wasn't happy either! I can't imagine it to be honest and also he won't be able to eat his tea tonight as he must be very full up. Don't bananas constipate you? Or is it the opposite effect they have? Oooh goodness me, I hope Boo's mum is ready for the explosion that I am sure will happen tonight!

Cliffys mum gave everyone some lovely little Cliffy christmas cards and they were lovely. There was little Cliffy sitting on a seat all dressed up like Santa...bless him, I do love Cliffy!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Night time adventures

How do you all get on with your walks in the dark? Today mum got me yet another collar that lights up and she was muttering to day that this must be about the 6th or 7th one so far this winter. They work for a short while and then decide to stop working.....OK, OK, OK perhaps me having my nightly dips in the stream don't help the flashers but mum ain't happy.

What do you all do when it's dark and you need to go and do your business? Anyone got any good ideas for collars that are stream proof?

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Christmas gathering....

It would seem that mum and dad had a great time last night with all the other dog walking mums and dads at the pub. Dad was a little worse for wear but someone had to drive and so mum was sober. Dad took me out for a walk round the block when he got in so that was nice. I don't get to walk round the streets as I just get taken up the fields. It's good to sniff all those lamposts where other doggies have left their calling cards. I really hate to see poo left on the street though....those doggies must have real lazy owners to not pick up after them. Mum gets really cross about that.

Let me remember who mum and dad were saying turned up. Maisies mum Louise, Baileys mum Sally, Cliffys mum Shirley, Boos mum Cath, Rufus and Roxies mum Sue and daughter Rosie, Mollies mum and dad Tina and Tony, Punchs mum Judy, and a new lady that mum and dad hadn't met before who's name began with M who has a little westie and who's name I can't remember now either. It was a great evening by all accounts and they are planning to have a dog walking Christmas day meeting up the park with drinkies and mince pies. Well, that sounds good to me as long as us doggies don't get forgotten about. We love little treats too don't we!

Today mum and dad went to Jolleys, a gigantic doggy supermarket to stock up on goodies for me. They got all sorts but mainly biscuits and yet another new collar and lead for me. I think I must have 6 matching sets already but this is a rather nice navy blue leather collar. Just very plain but so very nice. Mum likes me to be trendy you know. While they were there mum found a lovely black labrador puppy to stroke. He got so excited that he peed on her foot! This time dad found it really amusing after me peeing on his foot the other day.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Now I've been tagged!

Oooh 'er....Oscar tagged me!
I had no idea what this was all about so have just been over to Oscars place to investigate. I hope I read this right. Now doggies, pay attention and listen up.....

The Rules: The player of this game starts with "3 things he/ she would love to get for Christmas" and also has to list "3 things he/ she definitely does not want to get for Christmas". Then he/she tags 5 friends and list their names. The ones who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their Christmas wishes, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. And the one who tags need to leave a comment that says "you've been Christmas tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

The 3 things I would most like for Christmas are:
1. The biggest bone in the world
2. A ginormous plate of turkey with all the trimmings
3. A machine to tickle my belly 24/7

The 3 things I really don't want for Christmas are:
1. Flatulence (so no sprouts in with the turkey please mum!)
2. I don't want my family to fall asleep after dinner and forget my belly needs tickling
3. I hope the son won't get any noisy toys for Christmas to drive me mad with!

There, all done!

So who will I tag?? Does it matter if they have already been tagged I wonder?

Samson Boomer Marvin (if he is feeling better today!) Peony and my mate Kevin

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas socialising

I bet all your mums, dads and their friends are all making plans to go out partying? I know where we go walking there is great excitment about having a Christmas drink. All of the mums and dads are great friends (as well as all us doggies getting on so well) that they all decided to go out tomorrow night "just to be sociable and it is Christmas" to the pub and have a drink.
Like they need an excuse!

I have got to worrying though about my evening constitutional up the park....will I still get my walk?? I had a chat tonight with Cliffy, Roxy and Rufus about this and they wasn't sure either but were very concerned too. Will we get an extra half hour lunch time up the park to make up for it? Will we just be let out into the garden to do our "business" or what? It's a worry you know.

I don't mind it when dad is a little tipsy as he always brings me home something from the pub, but don't tell mum as she wouldn't be too happy!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Scary moment....

Oooh I went all hot and cold for moment a while ago!
Mum is a fiddler and decided to see what was what with this new beta thing. She clicked on "new template" by mistake and lost all her links, meters and everything else!

All's well again now I hope. I did forgive her as she hasn't been well today and has been in bed sleeping or the bathroom making funny noises. She worried the life out of me this morning when I got back from my walk. There was this funny noise coming from upstairs and so I charged up the stairs and there was mum not too well! Of course I did sit and lay with mum all day on the bed as she looked like she needed looking after!

Ain't humans funny at times!

Monday, December 11, 2006

I did it!

....and I'm still here. I think!

It was easy peasy lemon squeezy although mum was a bit worried but she just clicked and typed where she was told to and hey presto, here we are!

If I suddenly disappear you'll know why!

It looks like Beta is a winner then!

Thanks for all your words guys and gals...looks like mum may just change over now that you all seem to like it so much!

She was worried that she might have to change her links to other places etc but it's looking like she won't!

Happy Christmas!


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Going to Beta??

Should mum swap over or not?

She is in a tizzy worrying if it would be the best thing to do! She has got a new blog that she is messing with and can see it is sooooo much easier to work with. So clever fellow bloggers....does it just swap over or will she need to change links etc??

Do help her understand it all!!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner....

....that I love London town!

It would seem that mum and her London lingo is confusing all my doggy pals from far, far away. When mum first started talking to her dear friend Gene many years ago he too had lots of problems understanding what she was going on about! My mum used to think it was amusing and they spent many an hour on MSN laughing and explaining to each other what certain words or sayings meant. Gene really thought it was very English and mum thought Gene was very American.

Gene always said he was going to write a book about my mum as she always had a story to tell him.....she said thank heavens he never has.

Or was he just telling her that?

Oh what a beautiful morning......

I have been out up the fields for 2 hours already today and have had such fun!
I have met up with sooooo many other doggies today that I am proper worn out now. We even met up with with 2 very nice policemen who were patroling around. One of them made such a fuss of me despite me jumping up and getting his uniform mucky. Whoops! My mum does like a chat and she had a good old natter with one of the policemen. You can see them both in the distance with me. They gave mum and dad a card with a phone number on for if they see anyone being naughty up there they can call the police to come and sort it out.

You will see my new coat in all it's glory here in this photo. I even tried it out properly by having a swim and do you know, I was still more or less bone dry. Mum and dad were very happy about that too. I got lots of admiring looks from the other dogs and their mums and dads. They all wanted to know where the coat come from. I hope no one else gets the same colour though.

It was VERY muddy up there today and mum nearly went flying over a tree stump and then again in the mud. Mum hung on to dad very tightly where it was extra muddy just incase! They went for a cuppa and a bacon sarnie and I got a treat.....a bag of crisps. I love 'em and ate every last crumb up! This photo below is just a nice view with the lake in the background. Mum thought it would be very nice to show all my friends where I go and run around!

An interesting night....

I have had an interesting night. Now being a dog who's had the chop I am not really interested in certain matters like humping anyone or thing. My lovely friend Dizzy the rottie is on heat and all the dogs love her. I can't see the attraction myself but my lovely friend Cliffy is completely smitten with Dizzy and is to be seen hanging off her rear leg all the time. I think Cliffy might just have a back ache later on as he is a tiny likkle poodle and can't reach anyway!

I'd much rather be out and about chasing the other dogs and playing in the stream....I mean, it ain't right, not out in the street!!

All of my blogging friends seem to have got into the festive spirit so quickly. It seems it happened over night. There are one or two whos mums and dads who have really got the right idea and have given the dogs their own stocking to hang up by the fireplace. I really do need to leave lots of reminders left hanging about the place with what I want written on so that when they come home they will see what I really want as a pressie!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Naughty blogger......

Well, it would appear that although there are no known problems with Blogger something ain't right!

I can't delete those dreaded posts that send my blog into overdrive so have just deleted the content and the page all seems to have gone back to where it should be!!

Many thanks to everyone for their comments and mum sure needed it and she has worried about it all day.

I don't think I will bother too much tonight with stuff so will bid you all a "bon nuit" for now. You didn't know I was bilingual did you eh. See, us doggies have many talents that our owners don't appreciate!

OMG.....what happened!

Ooooh dear......what on earth has mum done!!

I really need to investigate this but for now mum has to go off to work now. She is having a "oh my goodness" kind of panic right now and is in a bit of a mess about it all. That will teach her, trying to be clever and post a silly video!

Oh well this space and hope she can turn it back to how it was!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Whoopsie....sorry dad!

I have done something terrible today and I should have paid attention to what I was doing. Mum was going out and was meeting up with a bunch of friends and dad dropped her off to meet these friends. When we got to the car park there were about 10 of mums friends all there already nattering away. They all made a fuss of me....they are such an easy touch and all I have to do is stand there looking pretty. They all went "oooh isn't he lovely" and lots of similar things were said about me. I mean, I just love it.

While they were nattering Dad was chatting to another long suffering husband who had also dropped off his wife and all of a sudden, there I was, just couldn't help myself......leg cocked too and I was weeing up dads leg and all over his shoe!


Oddly enough, he wasn't amused!

Mums friends of course all burst into fits of laughter and I doubt I shall ever live it down. I know dad won't, not now. These humans are a funny lot don't you thinK???

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Time for a little snooze

I have had one lazy day!
I went out early this moring and had a right run about and all on my own too. I don't know where my friends were this morning but one things for sure, they wasn't up and about with me. Dad told mum he was hoping to see someone on our walk so he was disappointed too. I went home to a nice breakfast of chicken....and before you say it, I do only like to eat chicken!!

Mum was still in bed and the son was just about stirring so I went up and whimpered at him. He has one of these loft bed thingies with steps to get up. The steps are not at an angle so I can't get up them and this is why I whimper at the bottom of the steps. I also tap my feet on the wooden steps too....ooh that makes a great "gonna wake you up" kinda noise and works everytime. Mum has even got out of her bed before now to give me a helping hand up. So the son lifted me up and we had a lovely cuddle....when he got up I sneaked under the covers but don't tell mum. She goes mad and says all the mud from the fields don't half make a mess. The cheeky woman also says I smell! What is she on about....I only use the best eau de stagnant stream water. Mum went to the vet and got some stuff that they they all take turns spraying me stinks and I can't work out why they do this. If I smell from the stream why do they add more smelly stuff to me?? I'm sure the other dogs don't have to put up with this!

I fell asleep on the sofa tonight and from what I hear mum took some pictures on her mobile phone. Her and dad were laughing so much that they woke me up. Mum has tried to load these pictures on the computer tonight but the computer just keeps turning off when she connects the phone to it. Ooooh 'er....she will have to try again because I am sure you will all want to see them.

Friday, December 01, 2006

How lucky was I today

Just for a change I was allowed to ride in mums car tonight. I once again got in and just sat, terrified, in the passenger seat well. I didn't dare move!!!!! That was until mum had forgotten she had not folded out the wing mirror. Once she did that of course I had to get on the seat and look out the window. I don't think mum was too pleased....I kinda put my lovely wet nose on the windows you see and smeared them up for her. I just can't help doing that though!

We had a very nice if not soaking wet, walk round the park. We were honoured by having Cliffy, Maisie and both the Bailies out walking with us too! Heavy rain and some kind of storm is forcast for tonight....I am so pleased it held off till we had done our walk and sociallising!

I can only hope for nicer weather tomorrow!