Saturday, December 02, 2006

Time for a little snooze

I have had one lazy day!
I went out early this moring and had a right run about and all on my own too. I don't know where my friends were this morning but one things for sure, they wasn't up and about with me. Dad told mum he was hoping to see someone on our walk so he was disappointed too. I went home to a nice breakfast of chicken....and before you say it, I do only like to eat chicken!!

Mum was still in bed and the son was just about stirring so I went up and whimpered at him. He has one of these loft bed thingies with steps to get up. The steps are not at an angle so I can't get up them and this is why I whimper at the bottom of the steps. I also tap my feet on the wooden steps too....ooh that makes a great "gonna wake you up" kinda noise and works everytime. Mum has even got out of her bed before now to give me a helping hand up. So the son lifted me up and we had a lovely cuddle....when he got up I sneaked under the covers but don't tell mum. She goes mad and says all the mud from the fields don't half make a mess. The cheeky woman also says I smell! What is she on about....I only use the best eau de stagnant stream water. Mum went to the vet and got some stuff that they they all take turns spraying me stinks and I can't work out why they do this. If I smell from the stream why do they add more smelly stuff to me?? I'm sure the other dogs don't have to put up with this!

I fell asleep on the sofa tonight and from what I hear mum took some pictures on her mobile phone. Her and dad were laughing so much that they woke me up. Mum has tried to load these pictures on the computer tonight but the computer just keeps turning off when she connects the phone to it. Ooooh 'er....she will have to try again because I am sure you will all want to see them.


Anonymous said...

wow i cant wait to see your pictures....believe me...parents are just silly when it comes to pictures of us...but ...sometimes it is worth it for the do get treats...right...well have a nice sunday...i am off to bed soon..i enjoy your blog...

Anonymous said...

My Mom sprays me with "Beautiful" perfume by Estee Lauder. Says it masks my natural "Frito" odor.

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

tell you Mum Louie, the downloading of pictures from the mobile to the computer, nearly sent my Jeannie into Rehab!

She ended up ringing the "helpline2 (not the Rehab Helpline - the software Helpline....!) and we sorted it good and proper. Jeannie says computers are just way tooo logical.

looking forward to seeing the pix!

Marv ;0)