Saturday, September 30, 2006

Rain, rain go away......

It's been a wild week one way or another!!
There has been a lot of rain this week so the Brook is FULL to the brim. Now that's fine but mum and dad tell me off for diving into the brook and getting wet but with my little legs what else am I supposed to do?? I can't walk over the bridge as it's 4 inches under water and even they get wet so what do they expect me to get!!! Oh but that gets everywhere and I do mean everywhere! I must admit to rolling in the mud this week as I just wanted to show off infront of my new found friend Cliffie. Now Cliffie is a sweet black poodle who was rescued from the RSPCA not too long ago. He isn't used to playing with us big guys yet and just runs about sniffing our rear ends....he really must understand that it's rude to do that without even playing a game with us first. Hope he won't think we are an easy touch when it comes to sniffing...I do like to know the sniffer first you know before I let them round those regions!

There was talk today of Christmas whatever that is. It would seem that our grown ups are talking of having a Christmas outing in December. I do hope that includes us their dogs. I could fancy some slap up meal with my friends.....IAMS all round please! Do you think this Christmas thing means we get pressies? I do hope so as I love to rip paper up as mum discovered last week *blush*. I took a fancy to her rather expensive wallpaper in the hall....she was far from amused when she come home to see me with the evidence poking out the side of my mouth. Oooh dear, she sent me to my basket and wouldn't talk to me all afternoon despite my saddest puppy dog eyes.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The story of the gloves....

Tonights walk was a funny affair. Firstly it was nearly dark despite the fact we arrived nice and early for a change. Dizzy was there already and so was Patch, Punch, Troy and another dog I don't remember seeing before. We were all so pleased to see each other that there was a frenzy of dog hair flying around for a fair while. Then we heard the "budom, budom, budom" of Kaiser charging down the hill towards us. Kaiser loves me soooo much and seems to smell me from his house. (He lives in a house whos garden backs onto the Brook) and he will know I have arrived and them jump the gate to come and see me. Isn't that nice!

Dizzy also loves Kaiser so the 3 of us ran riot round the field. Patch ran off in the direction of the Club house probably looking for more beer and a sarnie or 2 and we stayed and played ball. I looked extra smart tonight as I had the super duper flashing collar on again and goodness did I look cool. We had a really nice walk round and ball game but it was time to get on home.

When we got back to the car park Boo was just arriving. Now anyone who has ever seen a pure while samoyed jump out the back of his mums Range Rover and fly down the hill would know the concern my mum felt. She bent her knees and steadied herself ready for Boo to knock her flying as he normally does. He knows she always has treats in her pockets and so heads for her first. So, Boo was happy now as he had his biccy. Tonight the dogs were all treated to a good old fashioned Tesco dog biscuit....they seemed to like them so mum will get some more I think.

Boos mum had a pair of gloves with her for Dizzys mum. Boo had taken a liking to Dizzys mums glove the other night and pulled it off her hand and ran off with it. Needless to say Boo ate it! Yep, one fleecy glove demolished in one sitting. So a new pair of gloves was purchased and given with a big "sorry"!!

Mum gave me LOADS of chicken tonight when we got home....thank goodness as I was starving hungry. Its a hard life but someone's got to do it!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

It's getting dark now.....

I go out early in the morning and it's dark and at night it's dark too!!
My mum got me a very attractive flashing collar as she does not want to loose me. It's really good. Not only is it reflective but it has red lights all the way through the middle of the collar that flash.....

This morning and yesterday it was really misty and a bit scary too.....if I wandered off further than 6ft I was out of sight.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Chaos in the 19th hole

It started out to be a very nice walk. We met up with Archie, Boo, Roxie and Patch. There we were having a lovely walk round when Patch's mum noticed he was missing. PANIC!!!! We called, went and looked for him and just couldn't find him. After about 10 minutes we were all getting worried. Was he on the golf course driving the golfers mad or what?!

We all turned the corner to where the golf clubhouse was only to see Patch standing there barking followed by several men calling out to go and get him. Seems he had smelt the food, run in there, stole some food off a guests plate, knocked a few drinks over and generally caused chaos! Whoops!! Made us laugh though!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Trouble at mill

Wow, all the excitement!!
We arrived at the park only to be told of an incident that had just happened. It would seem that a young couple come along with 2 staffies who turned on an English Sheepdog and tore its face to bits. I am really upset to hear that. Dizzys mum called the police. The owner of the Sheepdog was infact an off duty policeman out for a walk with his baby in a pram and the dog.

The police arrived and spoke to Dizzys mum and went off to look for these people and dogs. Of course there wasn't any sign of them. Made us all nervous all night and very on edge.

We met a new dog tonight....a Portugese Estoril or something. I can't remember exactly the name as I was busy sitting there barking at him to come and play. What a dog!!! Full of hair and solid muslce underneath....I won't be arguing with him next time. I just felt bold tonight!

Mum and dad had a curry takeaway tonight as mum was on strike with the cooking. I got treated to a chicken tikka starter. Boy was that tasty....
Can I have some more please!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Madness or what!

Tonight up the brook was bonkers. Drove in at the same time as Dizzy so that was well timed...we whizzed off down the hill while our owners followed in hot persuit. Then we met up with Roxie and his sister then we met up with Bailey! Now we had a right old time charging about like nutters and then this labrador appeared....Dizzy had to investigate and so of course I had to go along too. Then all of a sudden Boo appeared....nutter that he is too. The poor lab didn't have a chance as Boo was all over him like a rash. Of course I had to go and investigate and spent the whole time following them about and barking. Bailey thinks he is a rottie and was taking on Boo and whoever else fancied a fight....bless him and he looked ever so smart today too in his new blue leather collar and lead!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I've been off my food for about 3 days now.....then I was sick this morning all over the carpet in mum and dads bedroom. Whoops! Dad had to clear it up at 5.30am this morning and I don't think he was best pleased. I felt a lot better though after my dinner up tonight and smacked my lips in the hope I would get some more. I didn't but at least I tried.

Had great fun tonight at the park. Dizzy, Boo and Punch were out to play and we all went potty charging about like loonies. The brook was very inviting tonight, and I had to go in several times.....I was soaked and also very dirty! Whoops again! Dad took a frizbee and we all spent ages chasing that about although I have to say I only have little legs and do have trouble keeping up with the others!

It is so dark very early at night. It's a bit depressing now as we have to go home early and that's no fun at all. I do have a very attractive illuminous outfit to be worn in the dark though. There is a reflective jacket thingy and flashing collar or I have a very nice collar that has flashing lights all built into it that flash....ha ha, they won't loose me this winter!!

Teasing you.....

It's been a mad, mad week!
Mum and dad have been ever so busy with this thing called work....dunno what it is but if it pays for me to have steak most days then I'm happy!!
So what's been happening? Oooh lots and lots really!!

More to followwwwww...............

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Worn out....

.....and all I want to do is sleep!

Dad has had me walking for miles and miles today! I am proper worn out. We went up to the country park today and we walked down to the lake and of course, I made a b-line for the lake and dived in. Really felt like having a nice long swim today so I did and infact surprised myself. I went right over to the other side of the lake. I've never done that before!! We ended up walking round twice and it's a long way so am just tuckered.

They fed the ducks and I sat very nicely on the edge of the lake and watched. Those flippin' swans have got a nerve. They come along and hiss at me....what did I do!! I like to sit there and watch the ducks but oh no, they think I am going to eat one of their babies I think. Even the babies hiss at me now too!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fancy meeting you here!

The last few nights up at the Farm have been fantastic!! Anyone who's worth knowing have all been up there. I have had such fun and now I'm home I can reflect on the fun that has been had! I don't even think I can start to tell you who has been there. Let me think:
oh I can't remember all the dogs names now (sorry) but will add them when I remember him. Anyway, we all ran and ran and ran rings round our owners...blimey, don't they all chat a lot :rolleyes:

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Been busy....

Been really busy, you know how it is! Just pop out for a quick walk and end up meeting every dog in the world and then not getting home intime. I can't help being a popular doggie but at times it drives me mad....I only ever want to get home and eat my dinner!