Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Madness or what!

Tonight up the brook was bonkers. Drove in at the same time as Dizzy so that was well timed...we whizzed off down the hill while our owners followed in hot persuit. Then we met up with Roxie and his sister then we met up with Bailey! Now we had a right old time charging about like nutters and then this labrador appeared....Dizzy had to investigate and so of course I had to go along too. Then all of a sudden Boo appeared....nutter that he is too. The poor lab didn't have a chance as Boo was all over him like a rash. Of course I had to go and investigate and spent the whole time following them about and barking. Bailey thinks he is a rottie and was taking on Boo and whoever else fancied a fight....bless him and he looked ever so smart today too in his new blue leather collar and lead!

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