Sunday, September 17, 2006

I've been off my food for about 3 days now.....then I was sick this morning all over the carpet in mum and dads bedroom. Whoops! Dad had to clear it up at 5.30am this morning and I don't think he was best pleased. I felt a lot better though after my dinner up tonight and smacked my lips in the hope I would get some more. I didn't but at least I tried.

Had great fun tonight at the park. Dizzy, Boo and Punch were out to play and we all went potty charging about like loonies. The brook was very inviting tonight, and I had to go in several times.....I was soaked and also very dirty! Whoops again! Dad took a frizbee and we all spent ages chasing that about although I have to say I only have little legs and do have trouble keeping up with the others!

It is so dark very early at night. It's a bit depressing now as we have to go home early and that's no fun at all. I do have a very attractive illuminous outfit to be worn in the dark though. There is a reflective jacket thingy and flashing collar or I have a very nice collar that has flashing lights all built into it that flash....ha ha, they won't loose me this winter!!

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