Monday, January 29, 2007

Will they make me a TV star?

Great excitement tonight at the fields!!
A film crew arrived late last night just as we were leaving but we didn't know it was a film crew at the time. Dad got chatting to one of the guys in a very bright reflective jacket and it would seem that they are filming a new TV series staring Harry Enfield. It is his first series for 9 years.....heaven knows why they are filming on my fields though!

This morning bright and early when we were up at the fields dads new best friend in the reflective jacket was telling him that they were waiting for the "muck on a truck"van to make them all breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then I spotted it.....a camera! I turned and gave my best smile and kinda ran around with my head held high and strutted my stuff and hoped that they will all want to know who I am and if I am free to do some filming for them!

Sadly tonight the film crew have all gone! I am very sad that it looks like I am not going to be a film star on the big silver screen.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

New beds all round!

I have a new bed!
Once again mum went out shopping and come back with something for likkle ol' me. I think she loves me so much I am never out of her mind even when shopping. This is just a fab "collapse and sleep" kind of bed. Mum decided to put it infront of the telly as that is my favourite place to collapse and go to sleep. I can keep an eye on mum and dad from this position you see and know their every move. They are unable to go anywhere without first passing me in this watchtower position!

The bed is just fab as I don't have to worry about puffing it up so it's all comfy. It's just like a real puffy bed and all I have to do is lie there and snore. Now can you see the green watering can in the photo?? I have grown very attatched to this watering can and just couldn't bare to leave it in the garden so dragged it in with me to share the new bed. OK so I have bitten the end of the spout off but you know, mum will thank me as the water will flow out of it so much faster now.

Talking of beds I have to tell you that the Son got a new bed too this weekend. He has graduated from a loft type bed stuck right up in the air to a proper "I can jump up on it now" kind of bed and even better....there's room for me on it too! Remember how I was unable to get up on his loft bed and had to tap my toes on the stairs till someone come and lifted me up? Well now, it's free jumping time and I can get on this bed whenever I want to. Did I mention that I like to get in the bed too? No? Well, trust me, those new covers are dead warm and cosy so whenever they go out and leave me up I go and get cosy in this new bed. Here is a photo of me and the Son getting all cosy last night. As you can see I even get to have my own pillow. How cool is that! I think I heard mum and dad talking of painting the Sons bedroom too so I think my new pad is going to be dead cool when they get around to painting the room!

I am just soooooooo comfy here!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's cold!

How cold has it been this week? VERY!! To make things worse the heating has broken down yet again and mum is not a very happy bunny. She is sitting here now waiting for the gas man to come and get it going again but she isn't very hopeful as this will be his 5th visit in the last 10 days! So we are all cold and fed up!

We had snow earlier in the week and I got a nice walk out in it first thing one morning. What fun snow is! I met Bailey and Mollie and after a while Boo arrived too. Mollie is a black cocker so really stood out against the snow but Boo just merged in with it. I tell you he was completely camoflagued in the snow.

Mum went to get me some goodies today from the pet store and the son got me a new toy to play with. It's like a tyre with a bell in and I LOVE IT. They also got me another new coat to keep me dry and warm. I must get mum to take a piccy of me looking handsome.

I'll get round to see what you have all been up to, I promise! *smile*

Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's a mad world

What weird week!
The parents have both had really hectic weeks at work and my afternoon walks have been swapped for letting the gas man in to mend the boiler. Mum is sick and tired of the boiler stopping working when she is mid shower. The first gas man who come was really nice and oddly enough had his own dog just like his dog wasn't as lovely as me though. The second man didn't take any notice of me despite me laying on the kitchen floor with my legs up in the air pleading for some fuss. Was there something wrong with him or did he only like cats?

Then we had the winds! Oh boy did we have the wind. It was really, really strong and the trees all come crashing down. Next doors shed got crushed by a great big oak tree from the garden the other of them.....I jumped when I heard it crash down! I didn't like the whistling noise and it made me really nervous and jumpy. Mum was really worried about me and shut all the windows so we couldn't hear the wind. I stayed on her lap most of the night. I felt secure with her and dad.

Not seen too many friends this week as people have not really come out due to the windy weather. Boo come out Monday then didn't come out again until Friday as he sprained his leg and wasn't able to run about. Maisie was only seen on Monday and Tuesday. Dizzy has been out a few times this week too but Cliffy has been out every time I have so that has been really nice to see him.

I hope there are lots of friends out to play tomorrow!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Just for Boo.... requested!

Here is a very bad photo (taken on mums mobile phone) of my friend Boo the Samoyed. The big, white fluff ball!

What do you think? Is he as handsome as you??

Cliffy returned!

I was only saying to t-man today that I was missing my dear friend Cliffy. We went out for our evening constitutional tonight and guess who was there waiting for me? Cliffy!! I was delighted as it was before Christmas that I last saw him! I think he may just have been happy to see all us too! There were a fair few of us doggies out tonight too. Here you can see Cliffy the black poodle with Maisie and me. He really did enjoy his self and then Dizzy the rottie and Boo the samoyed arrived so madness continued! In the other photo you can see Cliffy after he watered his favourite tree...I think he missed that tree loads!

My poor mum got sent flying tonight while we were out! I looked up and there she was laid out flat on the floor after a doggie or two ran into the back of her legs. She grazed her knees and pulled some muscles in her neck and has a few aches tonight but I think she will be fine. So far out on our doggie walks nearly all the huumans have been knocked over at least once by us mad doggies. Me thinks we will have to be more careful when chasing each other.

Mum says that now I look like a real springer with my wonderful new haircut! They have had me scalped, even my curly top knot as it was all getting too much each day after me rolling in every bit of mud I could find. I think the new hair cut has given my a new lease of life too and I can run nearly as fast as Dizzy and Maisie....although they do have longer legs than me. Cliffy and me kept up guard at the rear of the pack while the others ran off ahead!

Am I handsome or what now!?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I'm back!

Did you think I had left the country?
Mum has been rather involved in a few things at work this last week and has not had the time to sit at the computer and type what I have to tell her. I shall have to fire her and get a new social secretary I think.

I have been a visited a few of my friends blogs and posted some comments but sadly there are a few that won't let me add comments.....ggrrrr! You have all been very busy doggies and there is lots for me to catch up with.

I am off to the groomers today as dad is fed up with all my dirtiness each walk...I come home filthy and so full of mud that he dunks me in the shower and showers it all away. Then mum tells dad off as the bath plug hole is getting bunged up withall the dirt. So, I'm off to a great place called Groom Arts in Potters Bar. The lady there is lovely and speaks in Italian to me. She tells me what a good boy I am as I stand so still and let her do what she needs to do. Some of the other dogs in there are bad boys and girls. They bark and show off and even try to bite the groomers!! How awful!!

I'll get mum to post a photo of me later looking all handsome and sweet smelling!!


Sunday, January 07, 2007

I love my new bed!

It's been an odd day!
The son had a lovely know, all kinda cosy and welcoming. Lots of stuff left all over the floor to chew up when the need arose and lots of places to hide. He had one of those loft beds that was a million miles up in the air but sadly I couldn't get up the steps. I used to have to sit at the bottom of the steps and tap my toes on the steps and wait for him to jump out of bed to lift me up or mum and dad to get fed up with the noise and come in to lift me up. I could get down OK but never up.

Today all hell let loose! Dad decided to dismantle the bed!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, what a to do there was. There was mess everywhere, science projects growing under the bed in hidden corners long forgotten and stuff that the son had thought he had lost. Mum found half of her missing IKEA plastic beakers and a few spoons too that had gone on the missing list. I just sat at the door looking bewildered while dad said a few naughty words and did all sorts of things until the bed was at last down on my jumpable level. Hurrah, at last I could get on the bed without any help. I was delighted to say the least. I wanted to shout that they could take my dog basket out of the room now as I was going to be very happy on the bed...or even in the bed. Yeah, in the bed sounds a better idea!

They cleaned the room, changed the sheets (for me to mess up again!) and off they went. I took this as a perfect opportunity to get up there and try the bed out for size. What a treat...perfect! I am going to love this new bed. So when they go out and leave me, will I worry? No way will I as I will be King of the castle on the sons bed! All I need to do now is have some biscuits up in the bed, make a mess and the move will have been totally worth it. I might even get the sheets muddy first thing in the morning when I get back from the fields all muddy and wet. Don't you just love the smell of mud and the stream! Well, mum don't but it's not her bed so it won't matter!

Move over son I'm on my way........

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy birthdays!

My mum tells me that her niece Lauren is a visitor to these pages so hello Lauren, thanks for visiting!! I suppose I had better behave myself from now on or else Lauren will be telling her mum and dad what a bad doggie I am.

It's been mums birthday today so there have been lots of cards whizzing through the door for her. Mum said she was going to have a great day and not cry once....pah, I knew she couldn't keep to that. My mum cries at everything, even the adverts. The silliest thing sets her off and that's it, there she is blubbing into a tissue. So when mum gets in from work there is a knock at the door and the biggest bouquet of flowers are looking at her. The delivery lady gave mum the flowers and off she went. Mum was really excited and rushed into the kitchen to see who they were from. There was the most beautfully worded card too and mum just burst into tears. *Loui passes the tissue box*

Mums friend Sham and his family had sent them to her and told her she was his best friend and how much he valued her friendship and that he loved her and the rest of the family lots. I hope that included me too! She blubbed so much that when she called him up to say thank you she couldn't even talk to him as she was crying! What a woman, a complete nutter she is!! Here is the bouquet and rather nice it is too!

We arrived up the fields tonight to see this big red thing with flashing blue lights on top and I was very curious to know what it was. I ran over but there were all these men wearing funny outfits and BIG boots. I got a bit scared and ran away back to dad as I wasn't too sure at all what this was all about. Seems some kids had tried yet again to set the swing park on fire. What is it with these kids!!!! This happened about 3 weeks ago too so mum was surprised there was anything left to burn really.

We walked round the other way and met up with Rufus, Roxie and Maisie. I have not seen Rufus and Roxie since before Christmas so it was full charge ahead and off we went to play. Maisie likes my ears and will chomp and swing on them....tonight was no exception! Then Boo come along (no, not you Boo but Boo the samoyed, he is a big bigger than you!) and that was extra nice as he has been in kennels while his mum went to New York for 6 days. He had really missed us all and kept barking at us to we did again. I am dead worn out now you know. In fact, I come home, ate my chicken and was promptly sick everywhere! Oooow, don't know what that was all about but I think I feel better now!

I'm off to bed now as it's been a long hard day sleeping......

Monday, January 01, 2007

I've been tagged!

So what's this? Another tagging game? Excellent! My lovely friend Buster has tagged me so here I am ready to play along!

Ready to play a little game?
I'm going to list my 5 New Year's resolutions and then tag five friends...then those friends will have to name their 5 New Year's Resolutions and tag five of their friends...get it?
Okay, my 5 New Year's Resolutions:
1. I will try to not just sit and look lovingly into my daddies eyes as mum sulks that I don't do that to her.
2. I will try not to jump on mum and dads bed when I am soaking wet after a walk and before they can put the throw on it to stop their white duvet cover getting muddy!
3. I will try not to have flatulence (I managed that over Christmas, wasn't I good! Sadly dad didn't)
4. I will try to do the same as Buster and make more doggy bloggy friends in 2007.
5. I will try not to turn up my nose at dried food when mum forgets to cook my chicken!

I am now going to tag some of my lovely friends!
Marvin, Simba, T-man, Peony and Samson

2007 at last!

Happy New Year to you all!