Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's a mad world

What weird week!
The parents have both had really hectic weeks at work and my afternoon walks have been swapped for letting the gas man in to mend the boiler. Mum is sick and tired of the boiler stopping working when she is mid shower. The first gas man who come was really nice and oddly enough had his own dog just like his dog wasn't as lovely as me though. The second man didn't take any notice of me despite me laying on the kitchen floor with my legs up in the air pleading for some fuss. Was there something wrong with him or did he only like cats?

Then we had the winds! Oh boy did we have the wind. It was really, really strong and the trees all come crashing down. Next doors shed got crushed by a great big oak tree from the garden the other of them.....I jumped when I heard it crash down! I didn't like the whistling noise and it made me really nervous and jumpy. Mum was really worried about me and shut all the windows so we couldn't hear the wind. I stayed on her lap most of the night. I felt secure with her and dad.

Not seen too many friends this week as people have not really come out due to the windy weather. Boo come out Monday then didn't come out again until Friday as he sprained his leg and wasn't able to run about. Maisie was only seen on Monday and Tuesday. Dizzy has been out a few times this week too but Cliffy has been out every time I have so that has been really nice to see him.

I hope there are lots of friends out to play tomorrow!


Boo said...

hey loui,

the weather all over the world is weird! some get extremely heat, some get heavy snow, some get heavy wind, some get heavy rain!

i don't like the weather!

wet wet licks


T-man said...

I hope your scary wind stops soon. I'm glad Cliffy is braving the elements to play with you.


Marvin The Dog said...

ooooh Loui! Hope your wind is better now (!) and you have stopped the exhibitionist behaviour of laying on the floor waving your legs about in front of strange gas men!

Thank your Mum for her email to my Ma, love and licks from Marvin in grey, sleety Scotland where nothing much is happening!

love and lics Marv xxxxx

Oscar Airedale said...

Hey Loui. Lots of trees fell over here too. One blocked my usual walk route!

Stoopid gas man ignoring you! his loss


Oscar x

Sunshade said...

Big winds are SCAAAAAAWIE, you saw what it did to the BIG tree down the street.....

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Simba said...

I didn't mind the wind, but the letter box kept rattling and that was annoying.

Simba xx

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I bark at the wind and make it go away.

Bussie Kissies

Marvin The Dog said...

Hi Loui! Give your Mum an extra big lick and a cuddle from us in bonnie Scotland.....January is a sad time.

Thinking of you all. Our computer has been out of action, our virus protection expired so we have not been able to use it till today.

So much to catch up on too!

love and licks especially to your Mum. Marvin (and Jeannie xxxxx)