Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Normal service resumed!

Today I am back to being full of the joys of winter. We have had so much rain of late and mum and dad are really fed up with me getting wet 3 times a day that they are considering getting me a new outfit. Yes, another one! I am starting to feel like Kate Moss and will be walking the cat, sorry dog walk pretty soon demanding huge fees. I can't post the picture here but this outfit is a waterproof 4 legged suit with holes for "those" places. Yet more street cred for me to loose....I don't think I have much left to be honest.

Hey guys and gals, many thanks for all your supportive messages. Mum really appreciated them.


Monday, November 27, 2006

Deep in thought

Mum got a phone call on Saturday to say that a good friend of hers in America had died very suddenly. Mum had only seen her in April when she was over visiting everyone here. The son was upset too and clutched the Simpsons book Ruthie had bought over for him when she was here at Christmas. Ruthie loved England and in the last 18 months she had visited our shores no less than 3 times. Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be Ruthies funeral.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hey folks it's photo time!

Mum is on a roll now and here are some photos to remove yet more of my street cred!

Me in her new car terrified of moving or being sick on her new floor! Not that mum is a bad driver or anything.......

Me in my stylish new padded, waterproof coat. Taken just a few mintues ago before dad took me out for my evening constitutional in the horrible wind and rain (yep, the one that got lost and then found again!)

This photo was taken the day my familiy collected me from the Mayhew Animal rescue home. I was all excited and nervous and just wanted to get wherever it was I was heading.
The photo is the silliest one of me I have ever seen!

Visit to nannies!

I do love to visit my nan!
Whenever I go over she always makes sure I have plenty of water and the odd treat or two is normally waiting for me. Last night was no different. There was a nice choice of yummy doggie biscuits waiting for me when I got there. I of course show my appreciation by sitting on her lap and licking her to bits. She always tastes so nice.

Dad took me out for a lovely walk in the rain before we set off and I was soaked right through. Silly mum took a photo of me in the car while we were on our way over to nannies.

Not exactly looking my best am I!!
Once again mum had a flash of inspiration and decided to detour across London to take some photos of some of the posher shopping areas in the West End and their Christmas decorations. Stay tuned for those! Mums friend in New York has a blog and he has decided to to just post some pictures, no words, for everyone to see. There are only a few photos so far but he only started this blog this week so do check back often. Please go and visit his pages. He is a taxi driver in NY too and some of his stories on his other blog are very entertaining indeed!

Friday, November 24, 2006

This and that.....

I have been missing in action a bit this week. No reason really other than nothing is coming together if that makes sense. What with the coat palaver the other day and no Joe Stains, you naughty doggy, you can't see the inside of the drier as my poor poor mum had to get down on her hands and knees to wash the inside of it. Stupid woman had a moment of inspiration and thought that soaking a towel and putting that in the drier would clean it as the towel went round. WRONG! I dunno where she gets these ideas from but it didn't work! So there she was washing it all out. She did'nt want my help either so Marvin I thought I had got a new name too "oh for goodness sake" as that is all she said if I dared to go near her while she was cleaning.

Poor old Molly lost her coat too up the back field too in the week. Oddly enough it's the very same coat as mine. Do you think there is a fault or something with the fastenings?? Sadly Molly never found her coat and now is the owner of yet another new coat.

I had a lovely walk round today and met another new found bestest friend in the world called Honey. Honey was lovely and at first I couldn't understand why she wasn't charging all over the fields like I was....then I noticed that she only has 3 legs. Oooh I felt so sad for her. Her mum was telling my mum that she had an accident and had to have the leg removed but that she manages ever so well. I hope I see Honey again, she was kinda cute too......

We have had LOADS of rain this week and the fields are just like a mud bath so as you can imagine I have been going home just covered in the stuff. My coat is like thick muddy dreadlocks at the moment. In fact, my coat is stiff where it is so dirty and mucky. I think I have been dunked in the bath 3 times this week just to shower off the mud. I think I need a pampering or two.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cold weather at long last!

I am delighted to say it's been colder today down south. I am really fed up with this silly warm weather as I wanted to wear my new rather attractive coat. It's waterproof and wait for this, fleece lined too. What more could a doggy want?! I felt really smart wearing it that was until I lost it. Oppps! Dad was a bit fed up about it and as it was still dark this morning he couldn't find it. Lunchtime we went back up there to look for it and thankfully there it was. Soaking wet and covered in mud but there. When we got home dad put it in the tumble drier. Wrong move daddy! Oooh mum wasn't too pleased at all when she come home and went to put some washing in there to dry....the entire inside of the drum was covered in mud.

Tonight on our walk we met everyone...Boo, Roxy, Rufus, Maisie, Cliffy, Dizzy and 2 new friends but I don't know their names. We had fun again. Cliffy's mum was telling my mum that she hugged trees!!!! What?! Is she mad?! Mum laughed so much at her but it turns out she hugged the trees as she was hiding from Cliffy up the park. He couldn't see her and ran round like a mad dog to find his mum and there she was behind the tree. I did worry I have to say....seems a bit odd to do don't you think?


I am so tired today.....I don't think I got enough sleep today!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I have had a lovely day...don't you just love Sundays!

I love Sundays!!!
I get the family all to myself and even dad seems to want to stay out longer in the mornings. Today we were out for over 2 hours just wandering round the brook. We met up with Bailey, Maisie and Molly and I had a grand old run about with them. It was lovely and the sun was shining even though it was a bit parky round my nether regions. I do only have little legs you see.

I got home and mum was still fast asleep so I jumped on the bed and gave her lots of licks and she woke up with that "what day is it" look and then gave me a lovely cuddle. Dad gave me my breakfast and I really enjoyed that. Last night mum went shopping at Asda and got my a whole cooked chicken. She gave me half...can you believe that, a half a chicken all to myself and this morning I got the other half for breakfast. I do have a problem though....I think it may have given me wind! Whoops!!!

This afternoon our walk was lovely and this time we managed to meet up with Troy, Maisie, Dizzy, Roxie and Rufus so with me that was 7 dogs all running round like mad dogs. We had a ball and a new dog on the block arrived and didn't like us and kept barking. I think he really wanted to come and play but his mum put him on a lead and dragged him away. What a shame!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Fiddling about today!

Today mum is feeling a little bored so is fiddling with my blog. I'm not entirely sure she knows what she is doing so if I disappear in a cloud of smoke you'll know why.

She is today trying to add links to all my friends blogs.....so if you have been left out so far she is very sorry but is probably getting confuddled with it all!

This is a learning curve for us all.....they do say you learn something new everyday and today is the day for learning about HMTL or whatever it was mum called it!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Pssst.....'tis I at long last!

I'm here at long last! Goodness me, what a palaver. First Orange let me down and then I can't post at all....never mind, here I am in all my glory!!

Hasn't the weather here in jolly old England been terrible today? It has rained all day and to be honest all of my walks today have been wet. In fact tonight I was put in the bath as I was black, and I do mean black from head to toe. Mum worries about the cushions on the sofas as they are new and pale blue....the mud really shows up on them you see. Here is a photo of me looking all wet and silly in the bath earlier.

When I get out of the bath I run round the house like a mad dog rubbing my wet body up against anything I can just to try and get dry. Mum screams "where are the towels" as she always wants to stop me shaking myself and splattering the walls, windows, floor and beds with wet water. I don't know why as I think it's the best fun myself.

My friend Molly is back from her holidays. Oh bless her, she had to go with her mum and dad to Cornwall in their caravan. She would rather stay in town and come out and meet up with Boo, Bailey and me. She says it's much more fun. Molly has a very nice parker type coat to keep her warm. It's pink with a fur hood an come from, wait for it.....Harrods!!!! How posh is that?! I have to say Molly does look so lovely in this coat and I really would like one too!

I have to own up to something fellow doggies....so much has happened this week but I can't remember what. Do you think that is because it's time for my nap?? It's been a long day you know chewing up one of the sons books. He will leave them on the floor in his bedroom so what does he expect....I am a dog afterall!!!

I'm doomed.....

.....to not ever being able to post again!

I was unable to post at all last night .

I am going to get very sad at not being able to talk to my friends

: - (

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Testing, testing....just making sure I am still connected!

So I am still connected then? Thank heavens....fear not all my doggy pals, I shall be back and posting some time this evening after mum has walked and fed me. I am soooooo looking forward to my dinner as it's liver and I don't get that too often as mum says it's for a very special treat.
I must have been really good this week!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Broadband connection from hell!

Orange...if you're listening your connection stinks!
My mum has got the raving hump with Orange Broadband. She has been with them for years....from Freeserve who got bought out by Wanadoo who then got taken over by Orange. Since Orange have owned it the service keeps crashing...at least twice a month and for hours ech time. The people who mum talks to are rude too and last night she had 3 people put the phone down on her when she asked if there was a problem with the service in London! What's that all about!!!

So ,I've not left the country fellow bloggers....I've just not had a connection!

Stay tuned please I have lots to tell you about!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Something to chew on please mum!

I have had the chew-its today and when mum and dad come home this morning from getting their shopping I had chewed the bath cleaning sponge. I had left it in 1 million bits outside the bathroom door. Opps, they wasn't amused. Then later on this afternoon I decided that mums new slippery type thingies looked mighty fine and proceeded to chew them too. Mind you , have a look at them, they ain't too elegant are they. Pink and fluffy with hearts on them...c'mon mum, get classy! Mum said they only cost £1 from Primark and they keep her toes warm when she is watching TV.

Then mum gave me this.....

.....and to be quite honest I wasn't sure if I should eat it or play it like a saxaphone! Look at the size of it!!! When mum goes to Sainsburys or Tesco she always asks the people on the deli counter if they have any bones for me. They don't always let her have one as they say if the dog was to choke on it mum could sue them. What nonsense eh....

This evening I met up with Roxy and Rufus on my walk. They are both snauzers (is that how you spell it??) and my mum nearly wet herself laughing at Rufus as he likes to bark at the airplanes and he also chases them. What a daft dog....he goes mad at them and chases them. He is barking for most of the walk as we are on the main flight path to Heathrow and the skies are very busy with aircraft. Dizzy also come out to play too and I was rather glad about that. I love Dizzy!!!

I lost yet another flashing light thing and dad went back to see if he could find it but I think I may have lost it in the brook. Whoops!

Oooh and I have another new doggy friend to play with! Belle has a new brother called Sidney. Sidney has been rehomed (not from the Mayhew!) and only arrived last week. Sidney is a lovely cocker spaniel and I just fell in love with him. I must get mum to take some photos and show you all how handsom he is!

Mayhew animal home problems and a petition...please sign!

Oh my goodness....my mum is on her soapbox this morning so I am keeping out of her way!

She saw on the news last night that the Mayhew animal home may be forced to sell one of its 4 animal ambulances as the local council is introducing a controlled parking zone in the area. They have 4 vehicles and will only be allowed to have permits for 2 vehicles. To make matters worse the only vehicle they have that can transport lots of animals at the same time is 10cm taller than the countil will allow!! WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT!!!! So they may have to sell that ambulance or worse still.....MOVE to another place!! Please read the link and read in more detail about it all as I probably heard it all wrong as mum was ranting and raving about it all.

Of course my mum and dad found me at the Mayhew and that is where I was rehomed from. You may remember that Miss Mayhew called mum a few weeks back to see if we were all still very happy. That is the kind of lovely people they are....very caring indeed. They are the most wonderful and caring place in the world and I want to support them in every way I can.
I am urging you all to go read this link and PLEASE sign the petition!

Mayhew aninmal home petition

Friday, November 10, 2006

I am really happy today!

Do you know why??

I have at last had not one but two visitors to my blog who have left me messages!!! One is my mums old friend g.s. who is a taxi driver over in New York and the other was my new found doggy friend Buster.

Thank you so much, I can go and mess up and lay in mum and dads bed all day now feeling very happy. I love laying in their bed but for some reason they don't seem too happy when they get home....in the morning it's all warm and cosy and is even nicer as it smells of them too. I love getting in the sons bed but he had one of these loft bed things that I need to go up a ladder to get into and my little legs can't get me up there. When he is home he carries me up there and I am happy to stay there all day and night. He normally leaves bits of food in the bed too where he misses his mouth when he watches TV in bed!

Right, off to bed now......

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The House Doctor calls......

This mornings walk was a great one as it wasn't too cold and the fog had gone too. I have been avoiding the water for the last few weeks now that it's got colder. I can't get wet and then get cold and then potter about dripping wet. Dad met up with a friend on the walk who told him his house was having a television make over at the moment. It is the "House Doctor" who is in his house doing it over so to speak. He said the lady wasn't too nice and they had taken all his lovely pictures down from the walls. Dad rushed home to tell mum who of course wanted the low down on all the goings on. She just knew that the lady from the show would be a moody thing as she seemed it on the telly. My mum don't miss a trick you know!

Tonights walk was a quieter affair most unlike last nights! We met up with Roxy and her owner and had a nice walk round. Then they went and all of a sudden Dizzy appeared. I was very happy to see her! I have to admit that Dizzy tempted me into the water much to mums upset. I went in deeper than perhaps I should too....I was soaked right up to my belly and dripped everywhere.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Yet more fog!

It's still been foggy! Where does it come from?? I know that tonight on my evening constitutional the fog was coming and going and to me it was very odd indeed. We met up with Dizzy at long last. Goodness it's been an age since I saw her and I have really missed her. I think she missed me too as we had a real tear up around the park and ran riot everywhere. Cliffy was up there too and again, I've not seen him for an absolute age either. The three of us ran about barking like loonies. Dizzy has a boyfriend you know. Oooh she does and this is another lovely placid rottie. Can't remember his name now but Dizzy's mum got all excited and wanted to mate him with Dizzy but sadly the rottie has been "done" so that's that then!!!

Boo soon arrived and although we were right round the other side of the park Boo sniffed us out and come charging over. His mum was running in hot persuit of him and was worn out by time she got round to us. We had a new dog in the gang tonight called Sapphie. She is a lovely blue roan cocker and her mum knows my dad. She joined in with us mad lot right away and seemed to enjoy the chaos. I hope she comes out to play again!

Monday, November 06, 2006


Not sure I have ever seen so much fog before. It was dark this morning but mixed with the fog it was an interesting walk to say the least. Molly being black was very hard to find and Bailey being a brindle kind of colour wasn't too easy to find either. Me on the other hand being a white with liver bits...well, I was easier to find but only just! Dad got me a new light the other day after I lost yet another flashing collor. Mum laughed as it's a light that goes on bikes really but as dad says, if it's good enough for a cyclist to stay safe then it's good enough for Loui to stay safe too.

I am just going to go and get myself all snuggled down in the sons bed. He has got up and gone off to school now so if I'm lucky his bed will still smell of him (I love that smell!) and will still be warm if I rough up the covers a little to get the warm parts. I love it on his bed......and there I'll stay till dad comes in and takes me up the park lunchtime!


Sunday, November 05, 2006


I'm getting a bit fed up with these dark nights! It's really cramping my style and social life you know. I don't get to see all my friends as much now and I don't like it too much. I havn't seen Dizzy for what seems like a couple of weeks. Her mum and my mum text each other but don't seem able to get up the park at the same time so they keep missing each other. I love to see Dizzy and mum really must make the effort....I wish she would listen to me!

So what did you all think of the fireworks last night? My mum and dad went out to a birthday party and I was left all alone. Good job I don't mind the noise too much. I went to bed and stayed there till they got back. I nestled down and there I stayed. Mum had left the radio on for me and had turned it up louder so I didn't hear too many fireworks but to be honest I was sick and tired of the adverts all the time. When they got back mum gave me some birthday cake but told me not to let dad know. I've been on a bit of a diet you see. Where I was having a few too many treats the waistline had started to get a bit too wide....but now I am back to my a good size I can have a few treats thank heavens! It's no fun not having treats!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Mum come rushing in yesterday telling me she had seen my friend Kevin while out shopping. She was ever so excited too! Kevin was tied up outside Iceland while his mum was in there grabbing some shopping. Mum and son had just come out of Iceland and spotted Kevin and went over to say hello and waited with him. Then my mum and Kevins mum walked down the road nattering non stop about everything!

Please go read Kevins blog....it's a jolly good read you know!

Kevins blog!