Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Yet more fog!

It's still been foggy! Where does it come from?? I know that tonight on my evening constitutional the fog was coming and going and to me it was very odd indeed. We met up with Dizzy at long last. Goodness it's been an age since I saw her and I have really missed her. I think she missed me too as we had a real tear up around the park and ran riot everywhere. Cliffy was up there too and again, I've not seen him for an absolute age either. The three of us ran about barking like loonies. Dizzy has a boyfriend you know. Oooh she does and this is another lovely placid rottie. Can't remember his name now but Dizzy's mum got all excited and wanted to mate him with Dizzy but sadly the rottie has been "done" so that's that then!!!

Boo soon arrived and although we were right round the other side of the park Boo sniffed us out and come charging over. His mum was running in hot persuit of him and was worn out by time she got round to us. We had a new dog in the gang tonight called Sapphie. She is a lovely blue roan cocker and her mum knows my dad. She joined in with us mad lot right away and seemed to enjoy the chaos. I hope she comes out to play again!

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