Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The House Doctor calls......

This mornings walk was a great one as it wasn't too cold and the fog had gone too. I have been avoiding the water for the last few weeks now that it's got colder. I can't get wet and then get cold and then potter about dripping wet. Dad met up with a friend on the walk who told him his house was having a television make over at the moment. It is the "House Doctor" who is in his house doing it over so to speak. He said the lady wasn't too nice and they had taken all his lovely pictures down from the walls. Dad rushed home to tell mum who of course wanted the low down on all the goings on. She just knew that the lady from the show would be a moody thing as she seemed it on the telly. My mum don't miss a trick you know!

Tonights walk was a quieter affair most unlike last nights! We met up with Roxy and her owner and had a nice walk round. Then they went and all of a sudden Dizzy appeared. I was very happy to see her! I have to admit that Dizzy tempted me into the water much to mums upset. I went in deeper than perhaps I should too....I was soaked right up to my belly and dripped everywhere.


G.S. said...

Hey Loui, Watch those ponds, some of them are deeper than you think. Listen, I had a Boston Terrier named Maurice in my taxi the other day. I've got a picture of him in my blog if you want to see it. Arf-arf, GS

Loui said...

Hey Gene!! My mum has told me all about you you know ;-) I saw that terrier you know and mighty fine he was too but not as handsome as me!!
Thanks for calling in!!

Loui xx

Anonymous said...

I went swimming is a pond today and got my collar caught on lilypads. Mommy was pretty upset cuz she had to come in and unhook me!

Bussie Kissies

Loui said...

Hi ya Buster, welcome to my blog!! I bet your mum wasn't too happy with you either!! I have got stuck in a stream before now and dad had to wade in and get me. Thank heavens he had his wellies on!!

Loui xx