Friday, November 10, 2006

I am really happy today!

Do you know why??

I have at last had not one but two visitors to my blog who have left me messages!!! One is my mums old friend g.s. who is a taxi driver over in New York and the other was my new found doggy friend Buster.

Thank you so much, I can go and mess up and lay in mum and dads bed all day now feeling very happy. I love laying in their bed but for some reason they don't seem too happy when they get the morning it's all warm and cosy and is even nicer as it smells of them too. I love getting in the sons bed but he had one of these loft bed things that I need to go up a ladder to get into and my little legs can't get me up there. When he is home he carries me up there and I am happy to stay there all day and night. He normally leaves bits of food in the bed too where he misses his mouth when he watches TV in bed!

Right, off to bed now......


Anonymous said...

hey loui,

hmm... you know what? i thought i had left u a comment when you posted the "cool site of the day" post but thought you have turned on the "comment moderation" mode on and didn't know and never get publish... here you go again!

i like receiving comment on my post too to know some doggie out there is reading my blog too! :-)

more photos please!

wet wet licks


Loui said...

Hi ya may be right about the moderation thingy. Mum does tend to get a bit confused and this is all new to her. I am sure she will sort some other things out too that I keep telling her to get done! Mums eh...don't we love 'em!

Loui licks xx