Sunday, November 26, 2006

Visit to nannies!

I do love to visit my nan!
Whenever I go over she always makes sure I have plenty of water and the odd treat or two is normally waiting for me. Last night was no different. There was a nice choice of yummy doggie biscuits waiting for me when I got there. I of course show my appreciation by sitting on her lap and licking her to bits. She always tastes so nice.

Dad took me out for a lovely walk in the rain before we set off and I was soaked right through. Silly mum took a photo of me in the car while we were on our way over to nannies.

Not exactly looking my best am I!!
Once again mum had a flash of inspiration and decided to detour across London to take some photos of some of the posher shopping areas in the West End and their Christmas decorations. Stay tuned for those! Mums friend in New York has a blog and he has decided to to just post some pictures, no words, for everyone to see. There are only a few photos so far but he only started this blog this week so do check back often. Please go and visit his pages. He is a taxi driver in NY too and some of his stories on his other blog are very entertaining indeed!


Boo said...

hey loui,

that photo is so nice. not silly at all.

you were sitting at the back? whenever on a car ride, mom will put me next to her or if dad's around, i'll be sitting with dad at the back (coz mom says she has car sick and must drive).

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

Don't you hate it when they take photos when you're not ready? Getting the hair and makeup right is very important! You still pull it off well though...nice photo :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah like she's let you take a photo of her before she primped!

Bussie Kissies

PS That guy's site is great! My mom is originally from NY.

Loui said...

Glad you all liked my photo!
Boo you are a lucky doggy. Mum let me in her brand new car once and I was terrified so sat on the floor in the front of the car. I have a photo somewhere....

Hi t-man, welcome to my blog!!

Hey buster I am so pleased your mum went to look at that friend will be very pleased!

Loui xx