Friday, November 24, 2006

This and that.....

I have been missing in action a bit this week. No reason really other than nothing is coming together if that makes sense. What with the coat palaver the other day and no Joe Stains, you naughty doggy, you can't see the inside of the drier as my poor poor mum had to get down on her hands and knees to wash the inside of it. Stupid woman had a moment of inspiration and thought that soaking a towel and putting that in the drier would clean it as the towel went round. WRONG! I dunno where she gets these ideas from but it didn't work! So there she was washing it all out. She did'nt want my help either so Marvin I thought I had got a new name too "oh for goodness sake" as that is all she said if I dared to go near her while she was cleaning.

Poor old Molly lost her coat too up the back field too in the week. Oddly enough it's the very same coat as mine. Do you think there is a fault or something with the fastenings?? Sadly Molly never found her coat and now is the owner of yet another new coat.

I had a lovely walk round today and met another new found bestest friend in the world called Honey. Honey was lovely and at first I couldn't understand why she wasn't charging all over the fields like I was....then I noticed that she only has 3 legs. Oooh I felt so sad for her. Her mum was telling my mum that she had an accident and had to have the leg removed but that she manages ever so well. I hope I see Honey again, she was kinda cute too......

We have had LOADS of rain this week and the fields are just like a mud bath so as you can imagine I have been going home just covered in the stuff. My coat is like thick muddy dreadlocks at the moment. In fact, my coat is stiff where it is so dirty and mucky. I think I have been dunked in the bath 3 times this week just to shower off the mud. I think I need a pampering or two.


Anonymous said...

You definitely deserve some pampering Loui. Your new friend Honey sounds like she gets along well with three legs. I hope you see her again soon.

Anonymous said...

oh loui,

are you going to be best friend friend with honey? she could be your play mate.

i read another 3-legged doggie. she isn't afraid of anything and playful like any other doggie too.

hope you two can be best friend and play mate

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

I dont think I have ever been muddy in my life, I don't like to be dirty.

your poor mom, I hope you gave her some nice kisses after she cleaned that up.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember ever being coated in mud. Duck poop, bear poop, beach sand, burrs...not mud though. More muddy paws for me. Sounds like it could be fun though!