Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hey folks it's photo time!

Mum is on a roll now and here are some photos to remove yet more of my street cred!

Me in her new car terrified of moving or being sick on her new floor! Not that mum is a bad driver or anything.......

Me in my stylish new padded, waterproof coat. Taken just a few mintues ago before dad took me out for my evening constitutional in the horrible wind and rain (yep, the one that got lost and then found again!)

This photo was taken the day my familiy collected me from the Mayhew Animal rescue home. I was all excited and nervous and just wanted to get wherever it was I was heading.
The photo is the silliest one of me I have ever seen!


london_cabby said...

Our previous dog called Penny came from the Mayhew Home.

Joe Stains said...

haha you look like you might be burping in that last pic, or about to barf! But you're still cute!

Loui said...

I do have that look don't I joe!!!!

London cabby, have you read about the awful parking restrictions about to be put in place at the Mayhew??

Loui xx

Anonymous said...

hey loui,

okay, you said you look terrified well, you have a poker face and it didn't show on the photo! LOL

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

Oh Loui, that coat looks smashing on you.

Anonymous said...

You look so scared in that last picture. I was so terrified when I went home with mom the first night that I pooped on her floor twice! Going to a new home is a really big deal.

Anonymous said...

Loui, that coat is a bit much - make sure you only wear it at night. Mine is worse - it is dayglo orange! Mum is threatening to post a picture of me wearing it.

Anonymous said...

Still raining, mate - I am putting that picture of you, in your new coat, on my blog.

Licks and Kisses

Kev xx