Friday, November 17, 2006

Pssst.....'tis I at long last!

I'm here at long last! Goodness me, what a palaver. First Orange let me down and then I can't post at all....never mind, here I am in all my glory!!

Hasn't the weather here in jolly old England been terrible today? It has rained all day and to be honest all of my walks today have been wet. In fact tonight I was put in the bath as I was black, and I do mean black from head to toe. Mum worries about the cushions on the sofas as they are new and pale blue....the mud really shows up on them you see. Here is a photo of me looking all wet and silly in the bath earlier.

When I get out of the bath I run round the house like a mad dog rubbing my wet body up against anything I can just to try and get dry. Mum screams "where are the towels" as she always wants to stop me shaking myself and splattering the walls, windows, floor and beds with wet water. I don't know why as I think it's the best fun myself.

My friend Molly is back from her holidays. Oh bless her, she had to go with her mum and dad to Cornwall in their caravan. She would rather stay in town and come out and meet up with Boo, Bailey and me. She says it's much more fun. Molly has a very nice parker type coat to keep her warm. It's pink with a fur hood an come from, wait for it.....Harrods!!!! How posh is that?! I have to say Molly does look so lovely in this coat and I really would like one too!

I have to own up to something fellow much has happened this week but I can't remember what. Do you think that is because it's time for my nap?? It's been a long day you know chewing up one of the sons books. He will leave them on the floor in his bedroom so what does he expect....I am a dog afterall!!!


Anonymous said...

SAS - short attention span.

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

just saying hi from one dog to another

Joe Stains said...

I can barely remember this morning, no worries, just try to keep that connection up so you can keep us to date more regularly!

Anonymous said...

oh loui,

you chewed up a book? i'm better than you - i chewed the internet cable last week! dad just got it fixed so now i can use the internet. stoopid me thought it was a toy and i nearly couldn't get online in weekend.

btw, please vote for me on Nov's Awesome Blog Award at DWB here.

wet wet licks