Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Normal service resumed!

Today I am back to being full of the joys of winter. We have had so much rain of late and mum and dad are really fed up with me getting wet 3 times a day that they are considering getting me a new outfit. Yes, another one! I am starting to feel like Kate Moss and will be walking the cat, sorry dog walk pretty soon demanding huge fees. I can't post the picture here but this outfit is a waterproof 4 legged suit with holes for "those" places. Yet more street cred for me to loose....I don't think I have much left to be honest.

Hey guys and gals, many thanks for all your supportive messages. Mum really appreciated them.



Anonymous said...

Maybe they should just install a fire hydrant inside the house for you to lift your leg on. Much more comfortable.

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

hey loui,

i got my new raincoat mom ordered from butchy & snicker's mom. if you like walking outside, i think your hooman should get you one of those. be careful if you get wet, you might get a cold too! ok, at least that's what the hooman were saying.

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

Dear Loui,
You don't get away with it that easily. We need to SEE this new piece of canine haute couture. Pretty please.

Joe Stains said...

boo no picture!! my mom puts up humiliating pics of me in a red hooded sweatshirt, I think we need to see this new coat!

Loui said...

Mum and dad are still dithering about what coat to order me and then what colour. I mean, do I look like the kinda dog that wants a leopard skin collar!

Fear not friends, when the dreaded outfit arrives you will be the first to see it.....

L xx

Anonymous said...

It's been warm here like spring, but tomorrow it's supposed to be COLD and snowy. That's Chicago weather for you! I'll have to start wearing my coats soon too :)

Anonymous said...

Yes Loui, we need to have you model your new outfit. We insist!

Anonymous said...

yes, Loui, we insist! We must all approve the outfit before you actually wear it out on the streets and frighten the horses!

Love and licks Marv ;0)