Friday, December 01, 2006

How lucky was I today

Just for a change I was allowed to ride in mums car tonight. I once again got in and just sat, terrified, in the passenger seat well. I didn't dare move!!!!! That was until mum had forgotten she had not folded out the wing mirror. Once she did that of course I had to get on the seat and look out the window. I don't think mum was too pleased....I kinda put my lovely wet nose on the windows you see and smeared them up for her. I just can't help doing that though!

We had a very nice if not soaking wet, walk round the park. We were honoured by having Cliffy, Maisie and both the Bailies out walking with us too! Heavy rain and some kind of storm is forcast for tonight....I am so pleased it held off till we had done our walk and sociallising!

I can only hope for nicer weather tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Every window should be graced with doggie nose art. You should ask your mom to show us some of your work :)

Anonymous said...

My Mom keeps Windex wipes in the car now. My nose art does not last long.

Bussie Kissies

Ivy said...

i agree with t-man. a car is just not a good dog car without some nose art on all the windows!

my randy used to say i cuddent ride in his silver car but i finally put enuf hair on the seats and nose art on the windows that he said it didnt matter anymore. now i get to go for rides all the time! woo hoo!

just keep working on your moms car. she will haf to give in some time!

Joe Stains said...

I believe it is your duty as a dog to smear the heck out of those windows. At least I know it is MY duty!!

Loui said...

I make my nose art in dads car...OMG, you should see it! There is all sorts on the rear window, heavens knows how he can see out of it.

Carry on being artistic guys!

Loui xx