Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy birthdays!

My mum tells me that her niece Lauren is a visitor to these pages so hello Lauren, thanks for visiting!! I suppose I had better behave myself from now on or else Lauren will be telling her mum and dad what a bad doggie I am.

It's been mums birthday today so there have been lots of cards whizzing through the door for her. Mum said she was going to have a great day and not cry once....pah, I knew she couldn't keep to that. My mum cries at everything, even the adverts. The silliest thing sets her off and that's it, there she is blubbing into a tissue. So when mum gets in from work there is a knock at the door and the biggest bouquet of flowers are looking at her. The delivery lady gave mum the flowers and off she went. Mum was really excited and rushed into the kitchen to see who they were from. There was the most beautfully worded card too and mum just burst into tears. *Loui passes the tissue box*

Mums friend Sham and his family had sent them to her and told her she was his best friend and how much he valued her friendship and that he loved her and the rest of the family lots. I hope that included me too! She blubbed so much that when she called him up to say thank you she couldn't even talk to him as she was crying! What a woman, a complete nutter she is!! Here is the bouquet and rather nice it is too!

We arrived up the fields tonight to see this big red thing with flashing blue lights on top and I was very curious to know what it was. I ran over but there were all these men wearing funny outfits and BIG boots. I got a bit scared and ran away back to dad as I wasn't too sure at all what this was all about. Seems some kids had tried yet again to set the swing park on fire. What is it with these kids!!!! This happened about 3 weeks ago too so mum was surprised there was anything left to burn really.

We walked round the other way and met up with Rufus, Roxie and Maisie. I have not seen Rufus and Roxie since before Christmas so it was full charge ahead and off we went to play. Maisie likes my ears and will chomp and swing on them....tonight was no exception! Then Boo come along (no, not you Boo but Boo the samoyed, he is a big bigger than you!) and that was extra nice as he has been in kennels while his mum went to New York for 6 days. He had really missed us all and kept barking at us to we did again. I am dead worn out now you know. In fact, I come home, ate my chicken and was promptly sick everywhere! Oooow, don't know what that was all about but I think I feel better now!

I'm off to bed now as it's been a long hard day sleeping......


Boo said...


luckily you pointed out that boo is not me boo casanova. i highly doubt you will mistaken me as him coz i'm CASANOVA. you can see me flirt all the way there. hehehe.

before i forget: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUI MAMA.

wet wet licks


Oscar Airedale said...

Happy birthday to your mum Loui. My mum says it's her birthday this month too.

Hope you are feeling better after being sick & that no socks came out like last time I was sick!!

Oscar x

Simba said...

I hope your Mummy enjoyed her Birthday. The flowers are beautiful.

Simba x

Marvin The Dog said...

Happy Birthday to your Mum, Loui! hope she doesn't blub again when she reads this!

My Mum is just the same, she is usually set off by music playing outside, it is very embarrassing I agree! Anything, makes her cry, just like your Mum! She even cries watching "Only Fools and Horses" and that is supposed to be funny!! And she has seen them hundreds of times before!

I hope you are feeling better after the "barfing" incident with the chicken. My hooooman sister calls it barfing.....I barf occasionally, usually on new carpets .......U like to hear the screams!

Love and licks your Pal Marvin x
ps my Mum says she will email your Mum sometime over the weekend!

Sunshade said...

Oh Loui, did you get to make lots of salty paper maches??


Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Joe Stains said...

happy birthday to your mom!!!!

Scrappy said...

birthday wishes for your mom.
My mom cries at things like that too.
Those flowers are beautiful and sound well deserved.

Happy tail wags,

Boomer said...

Happy birthday to you (mum)
Happy birthday to you (mum)
Happy birthday dear muuuuummmmmm
Happy birthday to you (mum)

Those are beautiful flowers, mom just loves the colors and she's a big fan of daisy's too so that one in the middle is her favorite.

T-man said...

Happy Birthday, Loui's mom!! Those are such beautiful flowers. Thanks for showing them on your website :)

fee said...

happy belated birthday missus mom!

and loui, did you manage to steal any of those soggy tissues? they make excellent nibbles!


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Belated Happy Burpday Loui's mum!

Bussie Kissies

Marvin The Dog said...

my mum (who is not technical at all) has just attempted to email your mum......

I bet it goes to the wrong place or your mum doesn't receive it!

She tries her best but she is an Editor in Chief with very little brain I am afraid!

love and licks from long suffering and rather stained Marvin xxxxx