Monday, January 15, 2007

Cliffy returned!

I was only saying to t-man today that I was missing my dear friend Cliffy. We went out for our evening constitutional tonight and guess who was there waiting for me? Cliffy!! I was delighted as it was before Christmas that I last saw him! I think he may just have been happy to see all us too! There were a fair few of us doggies out tonight too. Here you can see Cliffy the black poodle with Maisie and me. He really did enjoy his self and then Dizzy the rottie and Boo the samoyed arrived so madness continued! In the other photo you can see Cliffy after he watered his favourite tree...I think he missed that tree loads!

My poor mum got sent flying tonight while we were out! I looked up and there she was laid out flat on the floor after a doggie or two ran into the back of her legs. She grazed her knees and pulled some muscles in her neck and has a few aches tonight but I think she will be fine. So far out on our doggie walks nearly all the huumans have been knocked over at least once by us mad doggies. Me thinks we will have to be more careful when chasing each other.

Mum says that now I look like a real springer with my wonderful new haircut! They have had me scalped, even my curly top knot as it was all getting too much each day after me rolling in every bit of mud I could find. I think the new hair cut has given my a new lease of life too and I can run nearly as fast as Dizzy and Maisie....although they do have longer legs than me. Cliffy and me kept up guard at the rear of the pack while the others ran off ahead!

Am I handsome or what now!?


Scrappy said...

Gosh that last picture is adorable. You are one handsome doggy

Tail wags

Boomer said...

Oh but Loui, your lovely long hair on top of your head is gone!!!

Boo said...

excuse me loui, you really should take a photo of the other Boo!!!

i wanna see the other Boo, is he as cute as me? if he is, then you don't have to show us the photo.


wet wet licks


Oscar Airedale said...

Aw, I can't see the last photo of you!!! I'm sure you do look more handsome than ever though.

Oscar x

Marvin The Dog said...

you sure are handsome Loui! I can smell you from here, what after shave are you wearing?

or is it the flowers I can smell?!!

ps Jeannie says don't worry about not being able to post comments, it happens to us sometimes. Also it is difficult to visit all the Blogs in one go, there are not enough hours in the day it seems!

love from Marv xxxxxxx

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

That last pic makes quite the fashion statement, but somehow you don't seem too happy about it!

Bussie Kissies

T-man said...

Yes, indeed, you look very handsome!! I like the waves on your ears :)

Your friend Cliffy sure is a cute guy. His tail is longer than mine, and his face closer clipped, but we do look a lot alike! I'm glad you have such a close friend who's so good-looking too!!

I hope your mom feels better after surviving the doggie madness!