Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Trouble at mill

Wow, all the excitement!!
We arrived at the park only to be told of an incident that had just happened. It would seem that a young couple come along with 2 staffies who turned on an English Sheepdog and tore its face to bits. I am really upset to hear that. Dizzys mum called the police. The owner of the Sheepdog was infact an off duty policeman out for a walk with his baby in a pram and the dog.

The police arrived and spoke to Dizzys mum and went off to look for these people and dogs. Of course there wasn't any sign of them. Made us all nervous all night and very on edge.

We met a new dog tonight....a Portugese Estoril or something. I can't remember exactly the name as I was busy sitting there barking at him to come and play. What a dog!!! Full of hair and solid muslce underneath....I won't be arguing with him next time. I just felt bold tonight!

Mum and dad had a curry takeaway tonight as mum was on strike with the cooking. I got treated to a chicken tikka starter. Boy was that tasty....
Can I have some more please!

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