Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The story of the gloves....

Tonights walk was a funny affair. Firstly it was nearly dark despite the fact we arrived nice and early for a change. Dizzy was there already and so was Patch, Punch, Troy and another dog I don't remember seeing before. We were all so pleased to see each other that there was a frenzy of dog hair flying around for a fair while. Then we heard the "budom, budom, budom" of Kaiser charging down the hill towards us. Kaiser loves me soooo much and seems to smell me from his house. (He lives in a house whos garden backs onto the Brook) and he will know I have arrived and them jump the gate to come and see me. Isn't that nice!

Dizzy also loves Kaiser so the 3 of us ran riot round the field. Patch ran off in the direction of the Club house probably looking for more beer and a sarnie or 2 and we stayed and played ball. I looked extra smart tonight as I had the super duper flashing collar on again and goodness did I look cool. We had a really nice walk round and ball game but it was time to get on home.

When we got back to the car park Boo was just arriving. Now anyone who has ever seen a pure while samoyed jump out the back of his mums Range Rover and fly down the hill would know the concern my mum felt. She bent her knees and steadied herself ready for Boo to knock her flying as he normally does. He knows she always has treats in her pockets and so heads for her first. So, Boo was happy now as he had his biccy. Tonight the dogs were all treated to a good old fashioned Tesco dog biscuit....they seemed to like them so mum will get some more I think.

Boos mum had a pair of gloves with her for Dizzys mum. Boo had taken a liking to Dizzys mums glove the other night and pulled it off her hand and ran off with it. Needless to say Boo ate it! Yep, one fleecy glove demolished in one sitting. So a new pair of gloves was purchased and given with a big "sorry"!!

Mum gave me LOADS of chicken tonight when we got home....thank goodness as I was starving hungry. Its a hard life but someone's got to do it!

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