Saturday, September 30, 2006

Rain, rain go away......

It's been a wild week one way or another!!
There has been a lot of rain this week so the Brook is FULL to the brim. Now that's fine but mum and dad tell me off for diving into the brook and getting wet but with my little legs what else am I supposed to do?? I can't walk over the bridge as it's 4 inches under water and even they get wet so what do they expect me to get!!! Oh but that gets everywhere and I do mean everywhere! I must admit to rolling in the mud this week as I just wanted to show off infront of my new found friend Cliffie. Now Cliffie is a sweet black poodle who was rescued from the RSPCA not too long ago. He isn't used to playing with us big guys yet and just runs about sniffing our rear ends....he really must understand that it's rude to do that without even playing a game with us first. Hope he won't think we are an easy touch when it comes to sniffing...I do like to know the sniffer first you know before I let them round those regions!

There was talk today of Christmas whatever that is. It would seem that our grown ups are talking of having a Christmas outing in December. I do hope that includes us their dogs. I could fancy some slap up meal with my friends.....IAMS all round please! Do you think this Christmas thing means we get pressies? I do hope so as I love to rip paper up as mum discovered last week *blush*. I took a fancy to her rather expensive wallpaper in the hall....she was far from amused when she come home to see me with the evidence poking out the side of my mouth. Oooh dear, she sent me to my basket and wouldn't talk to me all afternoon despite my saddest puppy dog eyes.

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