Sunday, October 01, 2006

Don't you kick me.....

Never a dull moment when you're out with us you know! We decided to go out a bit earlier tonight seeing how the nights are drawing in now winter is on the way. We arrived about 6ish and it was nice to see that Troy and Cliffy were out too. Punch was about somewhere but wasn't sure where. All of a sudden Wilkie come bounding up to me and I didn't like what he did and I growed at him. The next thing I know is that he got a bit cross and his dad went to kick me!!! My mum and dad ran down the hill to me and I sort of, and mum too, would have killed the fella had his foot connected with any part of me!

Phew, mum ranted and raved all the way round Buttercup field at how this fella had been and she was very upset about it. I must admit that I didn't know what it was all about but do know that I have never growled at any other dog up the Brook before and I it is so not like me...will keep away from Wilkie in future I think. I know that mum and dad will do too.

We walked off with Cliffy and Troy and all of a sudden Cliffy's mum got knocked right up in the air and then next thing we knew there she was laid out on the floor! OMG what a shock for her. My mum ran over to help her but she was just laying there motionless. She was fine but they were all concerned for her as it really must have knocked her for six.

I was glad to get home to be honest. I knew that mum had got me one of those lovely roast chickens from the supermarket and she was going to let me have half of it for my tea....oooh it was lovely and I ate every last bit of it. I know I have the other half for my breakfast in the morning too.....hmmm, can't wait!

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