Saturday, December 09, 2006

Oh what a beautiful morning......

I have been out up the fields for 2 hours already today and have had such fun!
I have met up with sooooo many other doggies today that I am proper worn out now. We even met up with with 2 very nice policemen who were patroling around. One of them made such a fuss of me despite me jumping up and getting his uniform mucky. Whoops! My mum does like a chat and she had a good old natter with one of the policemen. You can see them both in the distance with me. They gave mum and dad a card with a phone number on for if they see anyone being naughty up there they can call the police to come and sort it out.

You will see my new coat in all it's glory here in this photo. I even tried it out properly by having a swim and do you know, I was still more or less bone dry. Mum and dad were very happy about that too. I got lots of admiring looks from the other dogs and their mums and dads. They all wanted to know where the coat come from. I hope no one else gets the same colour though.

It was VERY muddy up there today and mum nearly went flying over a tree stump and then again in the mud. Mum hung on to dad very tightly where it was extra muddy just incase! They went for a cuppa and a bacon sarnie and I got a treat.....a bag of crisps. I love 'em and ate every last crumb up! This photo below is just a nice view with the lake in the background. Mum thought it would be very nice to show all my friends where I go and run around!


Anonymous said...

hey loui, nice coat and walk. i haven't been out for almost a week now. hopefully the hooman will take me out tomorrow - sunday.

also, have a GREAT SUNDAY!!!

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

You look great in your coat Loui. I have to ask though, what's a crisp? Is that like what we call a potato chip here in the states?

Anonymous said...

Your home looks like paradise to me with all the green and the sunshine, and the bacon sarnie (what is that? it must be good if it has bacon. mmmmm).

You look very suave in that coat. I would like the same, but green is not my color. It suits you well though.


Joe Stains said...

what a GREAT looking coat! you use funny words, see I am a made in america breed, so sometimes I don't know what in the heck you are talking about!? A natter? huh?

Loui said...

Boo...I hope your hooman takes you out too. You gotta get out and do what a dogs got to do!

Boomer...A crisp is indeed what you call a potate chip!

t-man...a sarnie is London slang for sandwich!

joe stains...sorry for using London language but mum can't help herself!