Wednesday, December 06, 2006

OMG.....what happened!

Ooooh dear......what on earth has mum done!!

I really need to investigate this but for now mum has to go off to work now. She is having a "oh my goodness" kind of panic right now and is in a bit of a mess about it all. That will teach her, trying to be clever and post a silly video!

Oh well this space and hope she can turn it back to how it was!


Anonymous said...

Hello!!! Don't worry matey! My computer is playing up so I couldn't see the video....wish I could though.
Last weekend I was running in the park with Mummy and Daddy and I went out of the gate...seeing Mum shout for me to come back in, I ran towards her not seeing the railings and I ran straight into them, getting my head stuck!!!! I am soooo glad she doesn't carry a video camera around with her!!!!! She laughed and laughed at me. Poohhey!!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh! Loui, tell your Mum not to worry too much, these things happen. Sometimes Blogger is a Bad bad boy! It has not been nice to us at all today, we can't post any pictures, let along videos!

It will be fine, you are not alone!

Jeannie wanted to throw the computer out of the window earlier today, but I stopped her in time! We can't blog at all at the moment, well, not properly, so we will give it a rest and have a go tomorrow.

Hope you get it sorted, love from Marvin and Jeannie.....totally sympathising! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Maybe your Mom needs to go for puppy training?

Bussie Kissies