Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Naughty blogger......

Well, it would appear that although there are no known problems with Blogger something ain't right!

I can't delete those dreaded posts that send my blog into overdrive so have just deleted the content and the page all seems to have gone back to where it should be!!

Many thanks to everyone for their comments and mum sure needed it and she has worried about it all day.

I don't think I will bother too much tonight with stuff so will bid you all a "bon nuit" for now. You didn't know I was bilingual did you eh. See, us doggies have many talents that our owners don't appreciate!


Anonymous said...

Loui - Blogger has been bad, bad and more bad, all day.

We have given up!

Just switch off, go for a good snooze, and your Mama too!

No point worrying, it is only a Blog, it will all come right tomorrow.

Your blog is cool and also Fandabi get some sleep and chill out! Love and Licks and sympathy.

Marv and Jeannie xx

Anonymous said...

oooooh tell your Mama to try Blogger Beta, it is sooooo easy to use and much more user friendly, we swapped a few months back. and it is cool!

(still have Blogger issues but they happen to all Bloggers - it is just the whole Blogging experience is so much easier in Beta!)

Be brave Mon Brave!

Beta Marvin! ;0) ps going to lie down in a darkened room now......;0)

Joe Stains said...

the computer is made to frustrate the humans, just like the squeaker inside a toy frustrates us doggers. I hope your mom is not stressing!

Anonymous said...

hey loui, don't worry. nothing's your fault. many other doggie experience problem with blogger too. and it became pretty regularly too nowadays.

wet wet licks


Justin said...

hey, don't panic. Its not your fault...all will be okk. just relax with this post on dog's dictionary. I hope u'll njoy!!!!

Anonymous said...

At least you aren't all flip flopped now.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Loui. I'm sure your mom will figure it out. My mom wants to post videos too, but she can't even get them into her computer yet!

Anonymous said...

Bi-lingual?!!! How about Tri-lingual?
You can speak English and French and bark Doggy too!!

You are sooo clever

Woof wooooffff hoooooowwwwwwooooo woof!