Monday, December 18, 2006

Yes we have no bananas

Ever heard that song before? It's an old English music hall song. I don't know when it was first sung but I'd say back in the early 30's at least.
The reason for me singing this is that my dear old glove stealing Boo tonight ate 7 bananas (skin and all) after stealing them from the kitchen table. His mum wasn't happy either! I can't imagine it to be honest and also he won't be able to eat his tea tonight as he must be very full up. Don't bananas constipate you? Or is it the opposite effect they have? Oooh goodness me, I hope Boo's mum is ready for the explosion that I am sure will happen tonight!

Cliffys mum gave everyone some lovely little Cliffy christmas cards and they were lovely. There was little Cliffy sitting on a seat all dressed up like Santa...bless him, I do love Cliffy!


Scrappy said...

Oh dear, that is a lot of bananas. I do hope he is alright. I love bananas but no way could I eat that many..... I think my tummy would burst.

Tail wags

T-man said...

I hope Boo is a big dog. You'd need a whopping big tummy to fit seven bananas inside!

I'm sure Cliffy looked handsome..after all isn't he a black poodle?? We can't help looking sharp :)

I've tagged you to list things you want for Christmas. You can visit my blog for the details...


Boo said...

oh, i thought i ate that much banana when you said "boo"... lucky it wasn't me!!!

i know banana will help ease constipation for hooman not sure whether it does the same for us though. maybe you can check out with boo's mom and let us know?

wet wet licks


Sunshade said...

OH my doG, how big is BOO's stomach to eat "7" bananna??

YOu know my Georgie, the 20 lb GIANT bunny? Yeah him, he can eat 2 whole bananas at once. He doesn't get runny poop, in fact, his poop are still very perfect with just enough moisture to make a mouth watering snack... Oh I better go feed him bananas now!

If you want to see Georgie, you can see him here:

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Simba said...

Oh dear, not a good idea.

Simba xx

Samson & his Mummy Juliet said...

Seve babanas. Loui, you are so cool

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Wasn't that a Jimmy Durante somg - yes we have no bananas - I think so!

Bussie Kissies

Ladybug said...

Loui, my name is Ladybug and you have been Christmas tagged. Please go to my site and read what you are to do. Ladybugxnmtutr