Wednesday, December 20, 2006


London is in the grips of fog and fairly bad fog too actually. Heathrow has cancelled so many flights today and tomorrow, so who knows if it will lift. The weather has been so very cold too and infact the temp gauge in dads car said it was -0.5 degrees this evening on our way to the park. The ground was a tad crunchy up the park and what with the thick fog it was an odd walk. Mum said that perhaps this cold snap will kill off all the horrible germs that seem to be lurking around at the moment.

Some kids had got into the playground and set fire to the climbing equipment. What little monsters....mum was worried I would wander in there and get hurt. The other dogs and I all avoided that place as it was noisey too with the kids making lots of noise.

Well, Boo hasn't been seen since the banana episode. We are all a little concerned as to his well being. Is he sick? Did he explode? What?! Then again, his constitution must be tough as he very prone to stealing and then running off and eating hats, gloves and scarves so who knows, the bananas may have gone down a treat.

I had a rather odd thing happen tonight up the park. I was on guard duty you see and as I normaly do I went charging off and barked very loudly just to let everyone know King Loui had arrived. For some very odd reason my bark nearly ended up as a deep, macho howl type affair. Mum nearly wet herself laughing at me. I don't know why! I thought I was being all beastly and frightening. I must practise that out in the garden and scare all the pesky cats off. There is one cat who is so going to miss it's footing one day. He dives off the wall and onto the shed and just sits there and hisses at me....he is the cat I am going to practise this macho image on I think!


Boo said...

hey loui,

i know about the fog bcoz liverfool... i mean liverpool vs arsenal match was cancelled due to fog too rite?

i wish your mama could record your "deep macho howl"!!! can we? can we see your deep macho howl next time?

wet wet licks


Simba said...

Very cold here, Daddy fell over walking out the front door this morning.Mummy rushed to help him. Well she would have done if she wasn't laughing so much.

Simba xx

Marvin The Dog said...

Hi Loui! At long last Blogger is working for us, we had real trouble earlier with it. And even more trouble on my walkies today, if you take a look on my Blog!

Put it this way, I learned some new words today!

We do not have any fog in Scotland! It has been quite bright and sunny! But we saw it all on the news.

Take care, Marvin x

Joe Stains said...

oh fog sounds scary! we dont have that hear. the howl might be useful if you disappear in the fog!!