Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Christmas gathering....

It would seem that mum and dad had a great time last night with all the other dog walking mums and dads at the pub. Dad was a little worse for wear but someone had to drive and so mum was sober. Dad took me out for a walk round the block when he got in so that was nice. I don't get to walk round the streets as I just get taken up the fields. It's good to sniff all those lamposts where other doggies have left their calling cards. I really hate to see poo left on the street though....those doggies must have real lazy owners to not pick up after them. Mum gets really cross about that.

Let me remember who mum and dad were saying turned up. Maisies mum Louise, Baileys mum Sally, Cliffys mum Shirley, Boos mum Cath, Rufus and Roxies mum Sue and daughter Rosie, Mollies mum and dad Tina and Tony, Punchs mum Judy, and a new lady that mum and dad hadn't met before who's name began with M who has a little westie and who's name I can't remember now either. It was a great evening by all accounts and they are planning to have a dog walking Christmas day meeting up the park with drinkies and mince pies. Well, that sounds good to me as long as us doggies don't get forgotten about. We love little treats too don't we!

Today mum and dad went to Jolleys, a gigantic doggy supermarket to stock up on goodies for me. They got all sorts but mainly biscuits and yet another new collar and lead for me. I think I must have 6 matching sets already but this is a rather nice navy blue leather collar. Just very plain but so very nice. Mum likes me to be trendy you know. While they were there mum found a lovely black labrador puppy to stroke. He got so excited that he peed on her foot! This time dad found it really amusing after me peeing on his foot the other day.


T-man said...

Hi Loui. Did you doggies get left home while your parents were at the pub? I hope you can join them on Christmas and share in the mince pies (mmmm!)

Boo said...

hey loui,

what? a x'mas doggie walk... with drinks? are you gonna get drunk then? please drink on my behalf, tell that to your mom & dad if they ask.

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

I am glad you got to go for a nice walk after being left home. Humans can be ok sometimes!

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Those party pies sound good....

Bussie Kissies

Marvin The Dog said...

Hi there Loui!

made me laugh your post about the visits to the pub and your Dad!

We had a party here yesterday and I have never seen so many bottles.......empty bottles! Never mind, the emptying of the bottles seemed to make them all so happy!

And Jeannie tells me I have a liver problem, well, "pot calling kettle black" I think Mrs Jeannie! Huh!

Love and many livery licks Marvin x