Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas everyone!!


I have had a really nice walk this morning and I got to do my most favourite thing. I rolled in fox poo! Well, it is Christmas! I should have known that as soon as I got home dad was going to put me in the bath but hey, it was worth the look on mum and the sons face when I ran into the front room to say hello!! They both screamed at me to get in the bath....some welcome home that was!

I got some bacon for breakfast and a nice cup of hot tea too.

Don't cha just love Christmas!

This is hard work all this ripping paper lark! Can you see that pink tin? That was full of doggy treats and a great toy to play tug with. Oh and the doggy Christmas stocking behind that too? That was full of yummy things that I am going to totally dog out on later on today!

Mmmm, that paper tastes good!

In fact, it's probably better than the turkey I will have for my dinner over my nanny Jeans today!

I'll just sit back and look at everything and then decide what I am going to attack next!

Can you see part of the son ripping open his presents? He got some cool stuff and was really excited. I didn't like this eau de dishwater he got. Yuk nasty stuff, and it didn't smell half as good as that wonderful fox poo I found this morning!

I'm worn out now....where's the mince pies and sherry?

I'll be going out soon for my dinner at nannys and mum and dad have got me a lovely new navy leather collar to wear. My grandad thinks my mum and dad are mad for getting me all these little presents.

He's probably right!

Happy Christmas everyone!


Boo said...

loui is spoiled with all the pressies! i wanna share... ok, not really. u can have it all by yourself.

wet wet licks


Boo said...

loui, do you want to include your adoption day at DWB online calendar? check my today's post.

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! You got lots of great things!

Justin said...

A furry christmas to you. you are not allowed to have mince pies and sherry. "underage" My pets are upset too n having orange juice instead! hehehehe

T-man said...

Hi Loui,
Please be sure to delete Justin's comment and don't click on the link. It might mess up your website.

It sounds like you had a wonderful day. Fox poo sounds divine. I've never had the pleasure of rolling in it before :)

Isn't Christmas the best? We should have it every month!!!


Boomer said...

Fox poo, what a treat! I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas Loui.

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Eau de poop AND presents! Heaven.

Bussie Kissies

Scrappy said...

Merry Christmas Loui. Rolling in Fox POO!! My hooman would have a major fit if I did that ;-)

Tail wags

Sunshade said...

What great Christmas you had Loui, I'm so glad I'm not the only one with crazy mums/dads!

That paper ripping sure is tiring, I was pooped out too.

Hey, you might be interested in my Eau de Sunshade formula when it comes out on the market, T-man and I are working on it. We took out the skunk scent and added the goosie poop and rabbit poop. I'll see if I can find some coyote poop since we have them here. It should be similar to the fox poop you found.

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

jack said...

hi loui diddnt u look funny coming in with all that wrapping paper on i remember mums face wen u did so i wish u a merry christmas and hope u liked the gift i got u with wet
licks and fuzzy paws

jack aka the son

Kevin the Collie said...

Hi Loui

Great pictures, mate. Fox poo on Christmas day sounds great to me, and you still got your pressies. You deserve every one of them and I bet your grandad gave you some treats, too.

Happy New Year to you and your family,
Kevin the Collie

Marvin The Dog said...

Fandabidozi Christmas you had Loui! All those lovely presents too! Tell your Mum I got lots of wrapped up presents too! Except Jeannie had too much sparkley stuff and her pictures did not come out too good.]

Silly girl!

love and licks Marv x

Studly Dudley said...

Oh Loui!! What a spoiled little spaniel you are, and a lucky one too to get so many gifts from your boomans. Once in a while, they are good for something. You must post photos of your new leather collar!!

And I say, we must get together and compare our unwrapping techniques. Yours are strangely much more effective..