Sunday, March 25, 2007

Puppy pictures and more mud

My friend Maysie sent me some photos this week of her when she was a puppy. Now I don't have any photos of me when I was a puppy as I didn't live in this house then so it really made me smile to see these photos. Isn't she soooo sweet!

Maysie is now much bigger and has lost most of the puppy look but I still love her. We go on some fabulous walks with my other lovely friends over the fields. Maysies mum seems to have got a better sense of direction now and we don't seem to get so lost. This weekend we found another walk and yet more styles to climb over. My dad loves it and mum wonders what time he will get home again on Saturday mornings. Mum says they look like Enid Blytons "Famous Five go on a hike together" and is waiting for dad to request a Thermos flask and sandwiches to take with them on future adventures!

Trouble is, when I get back I am normally soooo dirty and muddy that I need a good dunk in the bath to get rid of all the mud.

Happy muddy walking everyone!


Joe Stains said...

om dog what a cuuute puppy!

Oscar Airedale said...

Walkies with friends..good

Bath upon return home...bad!!!

Oscar x

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

That's puppy cuteness, that is.

Oh and hey, we used to love the Famous Five...Julian, Dick, George, Ann and Timmy the dog. When my ma was small she used to wish she had a dog with a tail that would thump on the floor like Timmy the dog's always does...she had a Yorkshire terrier so she never heard a thumping tail.

Now she has me and I thump my dog-dang tail all over the place and she's very happy!

Also: mud is good.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Simba said...

Shouldn't that be ginger beer? Cute puppy.

Simba xx

Marvin The Dog said...

ooooh how exciting, Jeannie says not to forget the "lashings of ginger beer!"........

Marvin The Dog said...

oooooh and the puppy is sooooooo cute!