Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How handsome am I now???

I got packed off to the grooming parlour yesterday afternoon.
It wasn't such a bad experience to be honest. I got some biscuits so that's always a good start in my book. I got a lovely wash and blow dry, my nails cut and all that hair sorted out. It was getting on my nerves to be honest too. Mum did instruct the lady in the parlour to try to leave as much of my quiff as she could as that is kinda my trade mark.

I was such a good boy that I was ready to be collected early so mum and dad couldn't wait to get me home and make a fuss of me. Even if I say so myself I looked handsome.
What do you think? Drop dead gorgeous or what??

I was then taken up to the Brook for a walk and of course, I just couldn't help myself but I had to dive in the brook and roll in the mud. Oooh I wasn't popular after that....not after they had spent £30 on me to look handsome!

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