Monday, October 23, 2006

Off to the grooming parlour tomorrow

Mum has decided that my hair has got long enough and I need a trim up. Actually what happened was that yesterday she was brushing me and found some matted bits that totally freaked her out. She got really worried about the matted bits as she couldn't get them out and I didn't let her either. Mum went off to Jolleys and got some special comb to get the matts out and then some anti tangle spray and not to mention the shiney coat spray too. I think she must have been on a spending spree as she got me a lovely waxed Barbour type jacket too. Sadly that don't fit and it has to go back tomorrow to get changed. I am going to be such a handsome boy you know!!

Look out for some pictures of me looking all groomed and handsome....welll actually I shall probably look a right banana with my new hair cut! Let me know what you think when you see the pics ok??

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