Friday, October 20, 2006

What a miserable week!

It's been a funny old week. My morning outing is in the dark, the lunchtime walk is in the daylight but the evening walk is more or less pitch black. I don't mind so much as I do have a rather attractive flashing collar so that dad can see me but it's just where's the fun in not seeing where you are heading?! Next weekend the clocks change and we will be going out in the evening in the complete darkness that means I won't be able to walk on the Brook anymore. It will be round the lit park that I'm not too keen's boring to be honest. There are always lots of pesky kids hanging around the kiddies play area too and now some of their older mates have motorbikes. Now they are scary!!! Dad says they are only hairdriers but nevertheless they scare me the way the kids whizz round on them. The don't wear helmets either so I dread to think what would happen should one of them fall off!

My dear old friend Boo the Samoyed has had a right old week. He has had this funny cough and his mum was worried so she took him to the vets. The vet suggested they did a little operation and put this light thing down into his lungs to see if everything was ok. The operation went well and Boo was fine as the vets couldn't see anything wrong. It cost £650!!! I think that these vets know we are so special that our owners insure us and therefore charge whatever they want. Flippin' cheek they have! Then this morning Boo was once again attacked by a boxer. This boxer has done it twice already and the last time my dad ended up getting bit trying to pull the boxer off. Anyway, Boos mum was so upset this morning and was crying her eyes out when we saw her. Boo was fine but a little shook up. Dad told Boos mum she must go and talk to the owner and see if he will muzzle the boxer or walk him somewhere else!

Poor Boo!

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