Sunday, October 08, 2006

A day trip to the seaside!

Oh I had a lovely day trip to the seaside yesterday. We went to Camber Sands and that was after I saw it mentioned on my friend Kevins blog page. It looked so nice with the great big beach that we decided to have the day there. Mum took some sarnies and other goodies and some lovely chicken, a great big bottle of water, some biscuits and treats for me. The traffic was horrible and it took us 3 hours to get there and I was really ready for a run on the fantastic beach.

We met up with some interesting dogs including another Sprocker called Florence. She was 8 months old and I really liked her. We had a good old chase round and had lots of fun in and out the sea. We then met up with a blue roan cocker called Cookie with her 11 week old orange roan cocker brother called Cappie. They were good fun to play with too!!

A day at the seaside don't half wear you out....I slept all the way home!

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