Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Full house at the Brook tonight!

I think every dog in town was out to play tonight!
Let me think, there was Dizzy, Archie, Dusty, Maisie, Roxy, Boo, Bach, Rayne and few who names I can't remember right now. We had a right old game with Maisie. She is a 9 month old Weinareiner who is nutty to say the least. All she wants to do it bite my ears...she must like them though eh!

Dad went home this morning with blood all up his arm. Boo and a boxer had another fight this morning and dad put his hand in to grab Boo but got bit. Mum said dad has to stop doing that and didn't he learn his lesson with Jason (their first dog). Jason got attacked by a staffie and not only was Jason in hospital for a few days but dad got taken to hospital for the bites he got to his face and arm. What a mess he was in and mum said he must not get in a mess like that again!

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