Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A field just a bit too far!

So! Time has marched on and my mum has not updated my blog....but, she has a very good excuse so I might just let her off.

Mum is busy organising a charity Ball you see and she is sat at her computer knocking out letters to every Tom, Dick and Harry in the world 24/7 at the moment! She is actually going boss eyed from all the typing she is doing. She also has flat ears and a sore throat from talking on the telephone too!

In the meantime dad has been taking care of me. Now I don't mind that as dad is an easy touch you know. He is so easy to get extra biscuits out of. I just give him that "peeeeeeerleeeease" look and he gives me more!

On Saturday dad met up with Maisie and Bailey and their mums and went for a very long walk into territories unknown. We met up in the car park at 9am and off we went. Now we had ventured along this field before but we went further this time and managed to get lost after about an hour of walking. Maisies mum had no idea where she was nor did Bailies mum and dad certainly didn't either. Us doggies were very happy as we were having fun with the new smells. I think the people were all really worn out as they were all sighing and muttering about wanting a cup of tea...is that all humans think about in such times of worry! I wanted my chicken that I knew was sitting there at home waiting for me!

We eventually got back to the car park 3 hours later and all of us completely worn out and if I said we were dirty....trust me, we were black! Dad didn't take the camera so I don't have photos to show you but the bath I got dunked into as soon as I got home was disgusting to say the least!

We are all going again this Saturday and Cliffy and Mollie are coming too. Well that is if their mums get up early enough! (Mum says she knows you might be reading this too Shirley so get a wiggle on and don't be late!)


Marvin The Dog said...

Hey Loui! You're back! Yay! Your walk with your Dad sounded fun!

Ask your Mum just how many Tom, Dick and Harrys there are in the world? I would be interested to know!

So pleased you are updating your blog once more!

Tell your Mum good luck with the Charity Ball, will you be able to kick it around when it is finished!!! ha ha ha

love and licks Marv xxxxx

Joe Stains said...

walking for THREE hours, that might kill an old man like me!

Sophie Brador said...

Did you say Ball? Does a charity ball look anything like a tennis ball?

Simba said...

3 hours, wow! I've got a squeaky ball your Mum can have.

Simba xx

Oscar Airedale said...

Phew, I bet you slept & slept! Walks with friends are just the best aren't they?

Oscar x

Blue said...

Water & dirty spanials thats life!
Bet you had a wild time!
And, theres nothing like being towelled down after the event, my boy just loived that! Its probably why he swam everyday!

macgoogle said...

Getting dirty is what long walks are for aren't they? Sounds like you had a great time - but shame on your Dad for not bringing the camera! Next time you attach it to your collar so he has to bring it!

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

Oscar Airedale said...

Hey Loui, I see you have a special day coming up. Can you get your mum to email my mum your address.

Oscar x

Jazz and Dixie said...

Hi Loui
Sounds like you got the "Pleeeeeeeeease look" down pat. Thats one thing we have also mastered but in our house its easier to get the biscuits/snacks from mum!
Glad to see your nack.
Jazz and Dixie

Sharon said...

Hey Loui,
We're hoping for a walk this weekend, too. We don't like walking when it's icy, cuz Snickers only has three legs and we don't want to get hurt.

Jazz and Dixie said...

Hey Loui,
We see from the DWB calendar that its your Barkday tomorrow! Happy Birthday! We hope you have a wonderfully special day and that you get everything you want.
Have a good one.
Jazz and Dixie